Whispers from Eternity

By Paramhansa Yogananda

One of many nice prayer scriptures of all time is now to be had in paperback. Yogananda informed his disciples to learn Whispers from Eternity each day-that via those prayers, he might consultant them after his passing. With imagery that's vividly attractive and powerfully alive, Yogananda's prayers draw God into each point of daily life, because the nearest and dearest cherished.

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I've got introduced the multicolored lamps of knowledge from all legitimate faiths. They shine with the luster of Thy one fact. The commingled incense of human longing for Thy love soars up in spirals from the incense-bowl of our hearts. Thy sacred presence shines on altars all over. All prayers of all temples, tabernacles, church buildings, mosques, and viharas are chanting to Thee within the common language of deep love. The orchestra of our mixed emotions performs in concord with the refrain of all soul-songs, with the cry of all tears, with the bursting shout of all joys, and with the united anthem of all prayers. during this wall-less cosmic temple of the soul, we worship Thee our one Father. Be happy to bare Thyself to us consistently. Amen, Aum, Amin. c 7 C Worshipping the Cosmic Idol O endless Spirit, I shall worship Thee this day as finite. O Cosmic Silence, I shall listen Thine unheard voice in the course of the murmur of brooks, throughout the songs of nightingales, throughout the sound of 30 blown conch-shells, during the beat of ocean waves, and during the hum of all vibrations. India-wise, within the cosmic temple of my brain, I shall worship Thee ceremoniously, with clanging bells in my middle, O Idol of Finitude! In reverence I shall behold Thy face gleaming crimson with very important strength within the sunlight, and bestowing soothing moonbeam-glances to dispel all gloom. I shall not more reflect on Thee unseen, for, in worship, I shall glance directly into and during Thy finite, starry eyes to behold Thy mystic middle. With Thy breath within the heaving wind I shall combine my breath, borrowed from Thee. Wordless chants of my craving for Thee will pulse with the cadence of my heart-throbs. I shall consider Thy middle beating in all hearts. I shall watch Thy fingers operating within the legislation of gravitation, and in all cosmic forces. within the footfalls of all dwelling creatures I shall listen Thy footsteps. In worship I shall behold Thy massive, skiey physique, alternately decorated with stars at the darkish, twinkling veil of evening, and Thy coming gentle with the faded gentle of the sunrise. I shall behold Thee heralding the evening with the gray twilight. O my Cosmic Idol, garlanded with stringed beads of the Milky approach, diademed with the rainbow, festively arrayed with the diamonds of all glittering stars and planets, I bow to Thee! The glistening dermis of the sky perspires rain with Thy lifestyles, and Thy blood runs via Thy veins of rivers, streams, brooks and within the blood move of all males. not more shall I worship Thee as unseen, yet as my obvious, embodied Cosmic Idol. The temple-bells of concord in Nature, the drumbeats of strong sea-swells, the myriad votive candles of prayer and chanting in all church buildings (devotion-flowers from the backyard of all souls), and the incense of all aspiring loves—all those have I assembled for Thy worship, O obvious Idol of my soul! With open eyes and with the attention of my brain, enable me behold Thee, my residing Idol of God in Nature. allow me worship Thee three 1 vocally and with psychological chants, with the bouquet of devotion, with serviceful job, and with knowledge; mainly, permit it's with the language of affection, with heart-whispers, with tearless tears in meditation, and with the silent sobs of instinct.

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