The Tree of Life: An Illustrated Study in Magic

By Israel Regardie

Israel Regardie wrote The Tree of Life, a booklet many give some thought to his magnum opus, in 1932. It has endured to promote for many years. And no ask yourself. Up till the time this ebook was once released, little or no information regarding actual excessive magic was once to be had to the general public.

In this publication, Regardie unearths the secrets and techniques of genuine magic. He starts off with a proof of what magic is and, simply as importantly, what magic isn't really. He explains that it's a religious examine and perform which, in addition to varieties of yoga, types the 2 branches of the tree that's mysticism. Magic isn't being a medium or a psychic. Then he explains the instruments of the magician, what they suggest, and the way to exploit them. He explains the concepts of evocation and invocation, skrying, and astral go back and forth. He indicates how the Qabalah unites every little thing. He even offers an outline of the secrets and techniques of sexual magick. All of this can be in a transparent, lucid writing sort. This publication is just a needs to for someone who's, or aspires to be, a true magician.

Although stylish and Sandra Tabatha Cicero have been acquaintances of Regardie and are Senior Adepts of the airtight Order of the Golden sunrise, what alterations may well they've got made to this vintage booklet? good, they did switch the spelling from British sort to American. and so they did swap his transliterations of Hebrew into the extra well known sort he utilized in his later books. yet not anything very important was once replaced or got rid of. every thing else they further was once complementary to the textual content that used to be there. And what marvelous additions they're! broad annotations all through each bankruptcy; over a hundred illustrations; extra descriptive contents pages; a thesaurus, a bibliography and an index. they have even further a biographical be aware on Regardie and the significance of this booklet to him and to the occult global.

This publication includes a few of the best occult writing that has ever been produced. And with the recent fabric by means of the Ciceros, it turns into vital for any magician!

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It differs from more traditional Christian sects in that it appeared Jesus, for the so much part, as an instance of the divine sonship of God that is present in all humanity. Christian Science denies that the global of subject is created through God-matter is in its place believed to be a mere perception-thus faith, belief, and the energy of optimistic considering can treatment physical illnesses. As a note of interest, Regardie later went on to explore Christian mysticism and its relationship to Christian Science, New Thought, and the Unity School of Christianity. He concluded that the healing techniques taught by these schools have validity, and he explored those rules in The Romance of Metaphysics (1946). 17. Moses ben Jacob Cordovero (1522-1570) was a Galilean rabbi who organized and codified the Zoharistic Qabalah. He wrote Pardes Rimonim in 1548 when he was twenty-seven years old. Ten years later he wrote Elimah Rabati. In these works and in his targeted statement on the Zohar, Cordovero attempted to epitomize and harmonize Qabalistic thought to the times in which he lived, and to promote his own interpretive Qabalistic system. He was also the teacher of Isaac Luria. in accordance to Gershom Scholem, Cordovero, additionally identified as Remak, was "the main systematic theologian of the Kabbalah" (Scholem, 73). His different works comprise A Sombre or candy gentle (1587) and The publication of Retirement (1543). Pardes Rimonim or "A Garden of Pomegranates" consisted of thirteen sections or gates, which delved into the Sephiroth, the divine names, and the meanings of the Hebrew letters. 18. Marah, the Great Sea. 19. Yam (o") is the Hebrew word for "sea. " 20. The "Great Face" or "Vast Countenance. " A title of Kether. 21. The "Lesser Face" or "Lesser Countenance. " Centered in Tiphareth. 22. This refers to the partzufim or "faces" (singular partzufl. This is a teaching in the Zohar that divides the Sephiroth into 5 archetypal countenances that constitute anthropomorphized expressions of the Sephiroth in accordance with the Tetragrammaton. They show the Tetragrammaton YHVH in phrases of father, mother, son, and daughter (or bride). The Partzufim include Arik Anpin (Kether the Macroprosopus), Abba (Chokmah Father 'I), Aima (Binah Mother 1), Zauir Anpin (centered in Tiphareth the Microprosopus, the Son 1), and Malkah (Malkuth the Bride, or Nukba de-Zauir "female of Zauir" 77). 23. The Seal of Solomon is the Hexagram, a geometric determine with six issues, shaped from interlocking triangles. The triangles correspond to opposing forces of fire and water, displaying these rival energies balanced and in concord with each one different. The Hexagram is additionally known as the "Star of David" and the "Star of the Macrocosm. " It is additionally a image of the perfected human being, and signifies the Hermetic principle of "as above, so below. " (See Color Plate Four. ) 24. Qabalists have been recognized to disagree on the "gender" of the numerous Sephiroth, ascribing masculine or female attributes to every one Sephirah.

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