The New American Roget's College Thesaurus in Dictionary Form

By Philip D. Morehead

The recent American Roget's university glossary in Dictionary shape

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Generosity, prodigality. ave atque vale, Lat. hail and farewell. See DEPARTURE. Ave Maria, Lat. Hail Mary! See WORSHIP. avenge, v. t. See RETALIATION. street, n. thoroughfare, street, artery; capacity, entry. See PASSAGE. aver, v. t. See confirmation. Ant. , deny. typical, n. basic, norm, suggest, general. —adj. suggest, common, traditional. See UNIMPORTANCE, MEDIOCRITY, GENERALITY. Ant. , unparalleled, striking, striking. averse, adj. loath, reluctant; unwilling, hostile. See competition, HATE, UNWILLINGNESS, DISLIKE. stay clear of, v. t. beat back, flip apart, push back; draw back; hinder. See quandary, DEVIATION. AVIATION technology of flight Nouns—1, (science of flight) aviation, flight, flying; navigation, aerial navigation; aeronautics, aerodynamics, aerodonetics, aerostatics, avionics, rocketry; aerial navigation, teleran, loran, shoran, software flying; air-power, air transportation; advertisement or inner most aviation; ballooning, balloonery; skydiving, hovering, [hang] gliding; aerobatics; gliding; air piracy, skyjacking; Civil Aeronautics Board, CAB, Federal Aviation management, FAA. See activities. 2, (commercial flight) [scheduled, constitution, commuter, or nonscheduled] airline, significant or local service, air go back and forth, air taxi, air trainer, air shipment, air freight; crop duster; nonstop, direct, or multistop flight, layover, stopover, red-eye; hub and spoke procedure; airlines; airport, airfield, airdrome, jetport, heliport, flying box; gate, jetway; flooring team; touchdown box, touchdown strip, airstrip, taxiway, runway, tarmac; helipad, blast fence; pylon, beacon; keep an eye on tower, windsock; passenger, no-show, standby, overbooking; checked or carry-on luggage, luggage carousel, skycap; hangar; airspace, air lane, skyway, vector airway, flight course, hall; boarding move, boarding, deplaning; common flyer software. three, air conflict; air strength, RAF, Luftwaffe; formation flying, echelon; bombing, dive-bombing, pursuit, dogfight; staff, wing, flight, squadron; challenge, dry run, bombing project; air hide; formation flying; [de]briefing. four, aircraft:a. lighter-than-air, aerostat; [captive, statement, fuel, helium, or barrage] balloon; airship, dirigible, Zeppelin, blimp, kite, field kite; parachute. casual, gasbag. b. heavier-than-air, plane, aeroplane, aircraft, monoplane, biplane, wedgewing, seaplane, hydroplane, amphibian, hydroplane, flying boat; ultralight; glider, sailplane, crate, field, send, jenny; airliner, shipping; pursuit airplane, interceptor, fighter, flying fort, dive bomber, bomber, stealth fighter, tilt-rotor, undercover agent airplane, reconnaissance aircraft, U2; jet airplane, turbojet, propjet, pulsejet, JATO (jet-assisted takeoff), RATO (rocket-assisted takeoff), STOL (short takeoff and landing), VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing), SST (supersonic transport); Caravelle, Concorde, Airbus, Lear jet, and so on. ; jumbo jet, wide-body [jet]; autogiro, gyroplane, gyrodyne, rotorcraft, helicopter, whirlybird, Sikorsky, helibus; Hovercraft; ornithopter. casual, kite, chopper. Slang, grasshopper. five, (parts of airplane) airframe, fuselage, monocoque, dermis, nostril, nostril cone, tail, empennage, rudder, fin, stabilizer; cockpit, flight deck, cover, gondola, nacelle, cabin, ejection seat; stomach, hull; balloon, ballonet; engine, engine pod, propeller, airscrew, prop, contraprop; afterburner, throat, inlet; reciprocating, radial, or jet engine, fanjet, turbofan, ramjet; rocket; airfoil, wing, prime or trailing aspect, gull wing, swept-back wing, sweep-back, variable-sweep wing, spar, spoiler; cabane, flaperon, aileron, longeron, deceleron, elevon, elevator, stabilator, stabilizer, air brake; stick, Joyce or pleasure stick, keep watch over yoke; touchdown apparatus, undercarriage, pontoon; console, software panel, inertial counsel method, compass, compass card, pelorus, gyrocompass, magnetic compass, altimeter, synthetic horizon, man made or computerized pilot, autopilot, Gyropilot, telemetry, tachometer, airspeed indicator, machmeter, go with the flow meter, yaw meter, rate-of-climb indicator, [turn-and-]bank indicator, inclinometer, Earth inductor, terrain clearance indicator, ADF (automatic path finder), ADI (attitude course indicator), radar, transponder, LORAN (long diversity navigation), TACAN (tactical air navigation), PAR (precision technique radar), VOR (very excessive frequency omni range), air log, ceilometer, climatometer, nephoscope; bomb bay, [inflatable] evacuation slide, safeguard or emergency doorways; black field, flight information or cockpit voice recorder; overhead rack; radar dome, radome.

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