The Magic Seal of Dr. John Dee: The Sigillum Dei Aemeth

By Colin D. Campbell

The e-book includes a close exam of the background and constitution of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth of the Elizabethan student and Magus, Dr. John Dee, in addition to a research of its use within the perform of formality magic. The appendixes contain a brand new transcription and translation of Dee's Liber Mysteriorum Secundus, and a major new translation of the element of the recognized grimoire, The Sworn ebook of Honorius, that provides information of what's truly an early kind of the Sigillum Dei. the writer has written that from the viewpoint of a practising magician, the paintings has primary goals: "to show the significance of the development tested by means of Dee's Sigillum Dei in place of its implementation, and to carry the Sigillum Dei out of the restricted confines of the Enochian temple and into its position as a strong magickal process in its personal correct. the popularity of the styles confirmed within the building of the Sigillum Dei let us view the seal in a brand new gentle, no longer as a static framework determined as soon as and for all enormous quantities of years in the past within the learn of a Rennaissance magician, yet as person who should be reconstituted within the mild of recent interpretation. moreover, the seal is, in essence, a process of evocation - the exact same approach to conversation utilized by Dee & Kelley in its reception. This e-book explains the character and approach to this technique and the way the practising magician is ready to use the Sigillum Dei within the demeanour during which it used to be actually meant - as a robust approach of planetary magick."

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