The History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ: 175 B.C. to A.D. 135, Volume 1 (New Revised English Edition)

By Emil Schürer

Serious presentation of the entire proof bearing on Jewish background, associations, and literature from a hundred seventy five BC to advert a hundred thirty five; with up-to-date bibliographies.

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Cf. Zunz, p. nine 1 . eight. For a extra designated description, see Strack, pp. 29-64. the subsequent process might be utilized in pertaining to rabbinic writings. Mishnah: bankruptcy and paragraph (mBer. 4:3); Tosefta: bankruptcy and paragraph in line with Zuckermandel's variation (tBer. 4:3); Palestinian Talmud: tractate and foho within the Krotoschin variation (yBer. 7d); Babylonian Talmud: tractate and folio (bBer. 28b). seventy two advent 10. 'Orlah (Foreskin): at the prohibition opposed to utilizing t h e fruit of newly-planted timber for t h e first 3 years (cf. L e v . 1 nine : 2 three - five ) . 1 1 . Bikkurim (First Fruits): at the supplying of the 1st end result of t h e fields. moment Seder: Mo'ed (Festival) 1. Shabbath (Sabbath): at the social gathering of t h e S a b b a t h (cf. E x o d . 20:10, 23:12; D t . 5:14). 2. 'Erubin (Blending): at the hnking of separated locations for freer stream on t h e Sabbath. three. Pesahim (Passover Lambs): at the occasion of Passover (cf. E x o d . 1 2 , 23:15, 34:15 ff. ; L e v . 23:5 ff. ; N u m . 28:16 ff. ; D t . 16:1 ff. ). four. Shekalim (Shekels): at the half-shekel or t w o drachmas t a x ( E x o d . 30:11 ff. ; Mt. 17:24). five. Yoma (The D a y ) : on t h e D a y of A t o n e m e n t (cf. L e v . 16). 6. Sukkah (Booth): on t h e banquet of Tabernacles (Lev. 23:34 ff. ; N u m . 29:12 ff. ; D t . 16:13 ff. ). 7. Bezah (Egg) or Yom Tob (Festival): o n even if an e g g laid o n a feast-day m a y be eaten; on t h e sanctification of feast-days a n d Sabbaths regularly (cf. E x o d . 12:16). eight. Rosh ha-Shanah (New Y e a r ) : at the dinner party of N e w Y e a r (cf. N u m . 28:11 ff. ). nine. Ta'anith (Fast): on t h e d a y s of fasting and mourning. 10. Megillah (The Scroll): on t h e interpreting of the 'Scroll', i. e. , t h e B o o okay of Esther, a n d at the occasion of t h e dinner party of P u r i m as a rule (cf. E s t h . 9:28). 1 1 . Mo'ed Kaian (Little Feast): on t h e holy-days among the 1st and final days of an outstanding banquet. 12. Hagigah (Festival Offering): at the d u t y t o look and worship in Jerusalem at the 3 pilgrimage fairs (cf. D t . 16:16 f. ). T h i r d Seder: Nashim (Women) 1. Yebamoth (Sisters-in-law): on levirate marriage with a deceased husband's brother (cf. D t . 25:5 ff. ). 2. Ketuhhoth (Documents): on marriage contracts (cf. E x o d . 22:16). three. Nedarim (Vows): on vows, particularly on t h e annulment o f v o w s made b y ladies (cf. L e v . 27 a n d N u m . 30). four. Nazir (the Nazirite): at the Nazirite v o w (cf. N u m . 6 and 30). five. Sotah (the untrue Woman): on t h e approach t o be followed opposed to a spouse suspected of adultery (cf. N u m . 5:11 ff. ). 6. Gittin (Bills of Divorce): at the invoice of divorce (cf. D t . 24:1). 7. Kiddushin (Betrothals): on marriage. §3- assets: Rabbinic Literature seventy three F o u r t h Seder: Nezikin (Damages) 1. Baha Kamma (the First G a t e ) , i. e. , the 1st of tfiree sections bearing on t o damages: at the felony outcomes of varied varieties of harm, robbery and theft (cf. E x o d . 21:33, 22:5 f. ). 2. Baha Mezi'a (the center Gate): on claims in recognize of estate misplaced and located; on tmsteeship, curiosity, borrowing and hiring.

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