The Great Hunt

By Robert Jordan

The Wheel of Time turns and a long time come and move. What was once, what is going to be, and what's, might but fall lower than the Shadow. for hundreds of years, gleemen have instructed of the nice Hunt of the Horn. Now the Horn itself is located: the Horn of Valere lengthy concept purely legend, the Horn with a view to increase the lifeless heroes of the ages.

And it really is stolen.

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Gentle, why did you ever allow them to get close to that position. each stone of it truly is tainted. There isn’t a pebble secure to hold away. mild aid us, if Mordeth touched the boy . . . ” The Amyrlin sounded as if she have been strangling. “If that occurred, the area will be doomed. ” “But it didn't, Siuan. We do what we needs to from necessity, and it was once precious. i've got performed sufficient in order that Mat won't infect others, yet he had the dagger too lengthy earlier than I knew. The hyperlink remains to be there. I had idea i need to take him to Tar Valon to healing it, yet with such a lot of sisters current, it would be performed right here. as long as there are a couple of you could belief to not see Darkfriends the place there are none. You and that i and others will suffice, utilizing my angreal. ” “Leane will do for one, and that i can locate one other. ” abruptly the Amyrlin Seat gave a wry grin. “The corridor desires that angreal again, Moiraine. There aren't very a lot of them left, and also you are actually thought of . . . unreliable. ” Moiraine smiled, however it didn't contact her eyes. “They will imagine worse of me ahead of i'm performed. Mat will jump on the probability to be so immense part of the legend of the Horn, and Perrin shouldn't be tough to persuade. He wishes anything to take his brain off his personal issues. Rand is familiar with what he's – a few of it, not less than; a bit – and he's terrified of it, clearly. He desires to burst off someplace by myself, the place he can't damage someone. He says he'll by no means wield the facility back, yet he fears now not having the ability to cease it. ” “As good he could. more uncomplicated to renounce consuming water. ” “Exactly. And he desires to be unfastened from Aes Sedai. ” Moiraine gave a small, mirthless smile. “Offered the opportunity to depart Aes Sedai in the back of and nonetheless stick with his buddies your time longer, he could be as keen as Mat. ” “But how is he leaving Aes Sedai in the back of? absolutely you need to shuttle with him. We can’t lose him now, Moiraine. ” “I can't trip with him. ” it's a good way from Fal Dara to Illian, yet he has traveled virtually as a ways already. “He needs to be allow off the leash for a time. there's no aid for it. i've got had all in their outdated outfits burned. there was an excessive amount of chance for a few shred of what they have been donning to have fallen into the inaccurate palms. i'll cleanse them sooner than they go away; they won't even detect fifty eight The Shadow in Shienar it's been performed. there'll be no likelihood they are often tracked that approach, and the one different danger of that sort is locked away right here within the dungeon. ” The Amyrlin, halfway in nodding approval, gave her a wondering glance, yet she didn't pause. “They will trip as properly as i will be able to deal with, Siuan. And while Rand wishes me in Illian, i'll be there, and that i will see that it's he who provides the Horn to the Council of 9 and the Assemblage. i'll see to every thing in Illian. Siuan, the Illianers might persist with the Dragon, or Ba’alzamon himself, if he got here bearing the Horn of Valere, and so will the larger a part of these accrued for the search. the genuine Dragon Reborn won't have to assemble a following earlier than countries circulation opposed to him. he'll start with a country round him and a military at his again.

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