The Broken Sword

By Poul Anderson

Thor has damaged the sword Tyrfing in order that it can't strike on the roots of Yggdrasil, the tree that binds jointly earth, heaven and hell. yet now the amazing sword is required back to save lots of the elves of their battle opposed to the trolls, and purely Scafloc, a human baby abducted and raised through the elves, can desire to cajole Bolverk the ice tremendous to make Tyrfing complete back. yet Scafloc also needs to confront his shadow self, Valgard the changeling who has taken his position on this planet of men.

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He may slightly listen her voice, and she or he appeared clear of him. ‘No. I dare no longer. ’ And back she fled. He stood looking at her attractive younger shape. His personal physique appeared frozen. the sunshine struck coppery sparks from her hair, the single colour within the grey and white sunrise. He watched her till she rounded a clump of bushes and used to be misplaced to sight. Then he walked slowly the opposite direction, out of the empty garth. 21 in the following couple of days, that lengthy and harsh wintry weather started to die. And one night at sundown Gulban Glas Mac Grici stood atop a snowy hill and at the south wind stuck the 1st supernaturally faint breath of spring. He leaned on his spear and stood having a look over the twilit whiteness that sloped all the way down to the ocean. A sullen ember of sundown nonetheless smoldered within the west. Darkness and stars rose out of the east, and he observed a bit fishing boat coming thence. It was once a simple mortal craft, acquired or stolen from a few English seaman, and the tall warrior on the guidance oar was once flesh-and-blood human. yet a strangeness brooded over him, and his sea-stained clothing have been of elf minimize. As he landed and sprang ashore, Gulban well-known him. The Irish Sidhe held aloof from the remainder of faerie, yet they'd had a few site visitors with Alfheim in earlier years and Gulban remembered the merry formative years Skafloc who were with Imric. yet he had turn into gaunt and grim, extra even than the fortunes of his humans looked as if it would warrant. Skafloc walked up the hill towards the tall warrior-chief etched black opposed to a sky of crimson and chilly greenish-blue. As he approached, he well-known Gulban Glas, one of many 5 guardians of Ulster, and hailed him. the executive back grave greetings, inclining his gold-helmed head until eventually the lengthy black locks concealed his fantastic powerful gains. yet he couldn't retain from shrinking a bit away as he sensed the incalculable strength of the evil sound asleep in a wolfskin package on Skafloc’s again. ‘I was once advised to look ahead to you,’ he stated. Skafloc checked out him out of weary eyes. ‘Have the Sidhe that many ears? ’ he requested. ‘No,’ stated Gulban, ‘but they be aware of whilst whatever of significant portent nears – and what may it drawback this time retailer the warfare of the elves and the trolls? So we searched for an elf to come back bearing unusual tidings, and that i believe you're that one. ’ ‘Elf – certain! ’ stated Skafloc with searing bitterness. there have been deep traces drawn in his lean face, and darkish hollows of sleeplessness approximately his eyes. Sea-salt streaked his war-gear – which was once peculiar, suggestion Gulban, because the elves have been cautious in their visual appeal even within the such a lot determined instances. ‘Come,’ he stated. ‘Lugh of the lengthy Hand needs to imagine this a good topic, for he has referred to as all of the Tuatha De Danaan to council within the Cave of Cruachan, and the chiefs of all other folks of the Sidhe besides. yet you're drained and hungry, Skafloc. First do you have to come to my homestead. ’ ‘No,’ acknowledged the fellow with a impolite bluntness both unusual to elves. ‘It can't wait, nor do I take care of extra relaxation and nutrients than i have to retain going. Take me to the council. ’ The chieftain shrugged and grew to become away, together with his nice night-blue cloak swirling approximately him.

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