The Book of Word Records: A Look at Some of the Strangest, Shortest, Longest, and Overall Most Remarkable Words in the English Language

By Asher Cantrell

From antidisestablishmentarianism to zo, a unequalled number of today's maximum words!

Have you ever puzzled what the longest note within the dictionary is? Or the starting place of your go-to curse word?

With The ebook of note Records, you'll discover enormous quantities of unusual, gruesome, gross, and in a different way severe phrases that experience what it takes to damage a few severe documents. From the seven longest speeches ever given to 12 of the most well-liked passwords used this present day, every one of those entries unearths the heritage at the back of the world's such a lot noteworthy expressions and interesting information on how they stack up opposed to the contest. You'll additionally methods to step up your vocabulary with pronunciations, definitions, and pattern sentences for every award-winning word.

Whether you're a Scrabble champ trying to get a excessive rating or simply are looking to galvanize these round you, The publication of notice Records is bound to shock even the main expert wordsmith with its special superlative lists.

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Another way, it’d all turn out on one aspect of your physique and never the opposite, and you’d fall over much. most likely, besides. We’re now not medical professionals. A pattern SENTENCE: “Due to the gamma radiation I acquired whereas attempting to make myself into The Hulk, my thyroid and parathyroid reached serious mass and will take out a urban block in the event that they blew, so i used to be thyroparathyroidectomized via a workforce of surgeons in complete hazmat equipment. ” 12. Pneumo­encephalo­graph­ically -adv. (new-mo-en-sef-a-lo-graf-ick-lee), 26 letters WHAT IT skill: Having to do with an old school approach to x-raying the mind by means of draining the cerebrospinal fluid and exchanging it with oxygen or helium (so that your strategies will be in a considerably greater pitch and make the entire medical professionals chuckle, probably). It acquired discontinued later within the 20th century for an easy cause: It prompted incredible ache. sufferers frequently skilled vomiting and severe complications (go figure). additionally, they didn’t simply placed your mind juice directly again into your head. You needed to look forward to your physique to breed it as a rule, that could take numerous months. these days, the method has been changed by way of the less painful and much extra lying-in-a-space-tube-boring MRI. A pattern SENTENCE: “We pneumoencephalographically tested her mind, yet rather than exchanging the cerebrospinal fluid with oxygen, Simmons’s jam sandwich by some means bought caught in there as an alternative, and now we're brooding about if the sufferer minds being referred to as jam-for-brains. ” eleven. Radio­immuno­electro­phoresis -n. (ray-dee-oh-im-you-no-ee-leck-tro-for-ee-sis), 26 letters WHAT IT potential: very similar to its aforementioned cousin, immunoelectrophoresis, radioimmunoelectrophoresis works alongside an identical principals. It separates and categorizes proteins utilizing electrophoresis, yet rather than simply utilizing antibodies to assist within the method, it additionally tags the proteins utilizing radioactive fabric. to construct on our earlier metaphor, this can be like searching for a needle in a haystack with an immense magnet and a military of ferrets, however the needle is now additionally gleaming brilliant eco-friendly. A pattern SENTENCE: “Even after immunoelectrophoretically reading Sam’s blood, we nonetheless couldn't confirm his unique point of intoxication, so we attempted radioimmunoelectrophoresis as a substitute; yet anything went extraordinarily improper and Sam become a radioactive monster. ” 10. Psycho­neuro­endocrin­ological -adj. (sy-ko-nyoor-oh-en-doc-rin-oh-lodge-ick-al), 27 letters WHAT IT capability: Having to do with the learn of the way hormones produced via the endocrine process impact the brain and behaviour of someone. Like how in the event you hit puberty you get all bizarre and moody for a few years’all these hormones flip you right into a sullen brat. Or, for the women, there are different examples, like PMS. in the event you hit that distinctive time, your moods can get out of whack and supply every type of fodder for the bad comedians which are your obnoxious coworkers and spouses. That’s hormones. (And coworkers and spouses that most likely want a stable slap, simply because that crap hasn’t been humorous because the eighties.

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