The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English

By Robert Beard

This publication explores what's appealing in English phrases by means of taking a look heavily on the a hundred most adorable of them chosen via Dr. Robert Beard, previously Dr. Language at and presently Dr. Goodword at The booklet starts with an essay on what makes phrases attractive and a heritage essay at the relationships among eu and Indian languages. this can be by means of essays that study the pronunciation, which means, utilization, and historical past of phrases like cynosure, desultory, ephemeral, gambol, petrichor, serendipity, and Susquehanna. each one observe is followed by means of artistic examples that includes Beard's general solid of characters, together with Natalie Cladd, Maude Lynn wardrobe, Gilda Lilly and the twins, Rita and Rhoda booklet.

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The foundation, endure, additionally appears to be like in nearly each Indo-European language. it will probably have initially pointed out child-bearing, because the replacement which means of this notice is to hold a burden (burden and start are derived from bear). In Latin it emerged as ferre “to carry”, permitting it to increase clearly in English whereas being borrowed in a unique shape, as we see in all of the phrases with the basis of ferre in them: refer, fertile, ferry, range between a bunch of others. Fugacious Adjective Pronunciation: fyugay-shus Fugacious capability fleeting, fleeing, operating away, passing fast. To botanists is capability withering and falling off early or very quickly. The adverb of this be aware is “fugaciously” and the noun, “fugacity. ” English has a handful of completely stunning adjectives with meanings nearly synonymous with this. “Fugacious” implies passage, circulation prior the viewer. “Ephemeral” has an identical which means yet implies in simple terms briefness of lifestyles. “Evanescent” indicates vapor, a obscure lifestyles that's short-lived. Our lives are aswim with issues that come and cross, so this observe is available in rather convenient, “If paychecks have been much less fugacious, shall we exit extra frequently. ” Sightings are frequently fugacious: “He lived on fugacious glimpses of her face until eventually he roused adequate pluck to invite her out. ” “Fugacious” comes from Latin fugax (fugac-s) from fugere “to flee,” the verb within the word tempus fugit “time flies. ” it's resembling Greek pheugein “to run away. ” the unique ProtoIndo-European root (see the recent component of the Library) used to be *bheug- with that humorous [bh] sound with the puff of air that grew to become [f] at first of Latin phrases (remember fornix “oven” vs. English burn? ) So we discover Lithuanian baugus “fearful, frightful. ” an identical root most likely lies in the back of Sanskrit bhuj “bend” and German beugen “to bend. ” Furtive Adjective Pronunciation: furtiv Surreptitious, shifty, secretive, stealthy in an try and cover anything. The sound [fêr] is spelled a number of other ways in English: fur, fir and, in a few dialects, for and much (neither of which we encourage). So, you need to keep in mind that this observe starts with the be aware for smooth animal hair. The adverb is furtively and the noun, furtiveness. This note can be used certainly or negatively. Furtiveness can suggest a cover-up of mistaken habit: “Calvin fearful concerning the furtive dealings among his pal, Murray, and a shady personality he met on the race music. ” it may well additionally suggest the canopy up of a superbly blameless firm: “Mom spotted not one of the furtive arrangements for the shock party for her happening on the apartment. ” This observe comes from our traditional resource of personal loan phrases, Latin furtivus “stolen, purloined,” through French furtif (feminine furtive). The Latin adjective comes from furtum “theft,” itself from fur “thief. ” No, this observe has not anything to do with the fur alternate yet is said to Latin ferre “to carry,” due to the fact that thieves are identified for wearing issues off. a similar unique root, *bher- “to carry,” ended up in English as endure (the verb), burden, and beginning.

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