Sourcery (Discworld)

By Terry Pratchett

Sourcery, a hilarious mixture of magic, mayhem, and baggage, is the 5th publication in Terry Pratchett's vintage fable Discworld series.

Rincewind, the legendarily inept wizard, has again after falling off the sting of the realm. And this time, he’s introduced the bags. yet that’s now not all… as soon as upon a time, there has been an 8th son of an 8th son who was once, after all, a wizard. as though that wasn’t complex adequate, stated wizard then had seven sons. after which he had an 8th son — a wizard squared (that’s all of the math, really). Who after all, used to be a resource of magic — a sourcerer.

Will the sourcerer lead the wizards to dominate all of Discworld? Or can Rincewind’s tiny band stave off the Apocalypse?

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From the Hardcover version.

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