Sloth: A Dictionary for the Lazy (The Deadly Dictionaries)

The Seven lethal Sins have sliced up the dictionary and brought what is theirs. not anyone vice is just too grasping as every one quantity prides itself on having greater than 500 entries. be aware fanatics will lust after those richly packaged volumes--and as soon as you've got accumulated all seven, you can be the envy of your whole friends.

Sloth: A Dictionary for the Lazy

The actual dictionary? Yawn. Too lengthy. do not hassle tirelessly operating via all these dull pages. the real stuff is rolled up here in a suite excellent for the nightstand.

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Negligible (NEG-li-juh-buhl) ADJECTIVE: A small, insignificant quantity. nepenthe (ni-PEN-thee) NOUN: A drug or substance that factors a short lived reduction from one’s soreness or difficulties. nescience (NESH-ee-uhns) NOUN: lack of awareness; lack of awareness. Your NESCIENCE at the topic is kind of appalling, contemplating how a lot you're paid to educate it! impartial (NOO-truhl) ADJECTIVE: now not favoring any specific facet in an issue or dispute; neutral. technological know-how could have stumbled on a healing for many evils; however it has stumbled on no treatment for the worst of them all—the apathy of humans. —HELEN KELLER no-good (NOH-good) ADJECTIVE: missing in optimistic virtues; valueless. noctambulist (nok-TAM-byuh-liz-uhm) NOUN: one that sleepwalks; somnambulist. Edward was once a identified NOCTAMBULIST and may occasionally cross approximately his morning regimen or organize a meal whereas thoroughly asleep. nodding (NOD-ding) ADJECTIVE: whatever that bends downward; sleepy. nonchalance (non-shuh-LAHNS) NOUN: loss of situation; casualness. nonentity (non-EN-ti-tee) NOUN: anyone or factor that's nonexistent or so insignificant that its presence doesn't subject. noninterference (non-in-ter-FEER-uhns) NOUN: Staying out of any a part of a dispute, noninterference is usually utilized in discussing political concerns. worthless (NOO-guh-tawr-ee) ADJECTIVE: Of no price; insignificant. O objectless (OB-jikt-lis) ADJECTIVE: with out an item or goal; aimless. oblivion (uh-BLIV-ee-uhn) NOUN: A kingdom of unawareness or of being thoroughly forgotten. oblivious (uh-BLIV-ee-uhs) ADJECTIVE: ignorant of one’s atmosphere. obtuse (uhb-TOOS) ADJECTIVE: Dim-witted; imperceptive; gradual to appreciate. offish (AW-fish) ADJECTIVE: indifferent; standoffish. while brought to new humans, Liza used to be perceived as OFFISH because of her loss of strength or funding into dialog. ornery (AWR-nuh-ree) ADJECTIVE: Irritable; obstinate. Procrastination isn’t the matter, it’s the answer. So procrastinate now, don’t placed it off. —ELLEN DEGENERES oscitant (OS-ih-tuhnt) ADJECTIVE: Drowsy; lazy or dull. otiose (OH-shee-ohs) ADJECTIVE: Superfluous or no longer crucial; lazy. lots of our furnishings turns out OTIOSE; we hardly ever use any of it. overtired (oh-ver-TY-uhrd) ADJECTIVE: Exhausted; overworked. P pachydermatous (pak-ih-DUR-muh-tuhs) ADJECTIVE: officially, it skill having the thick epidermis or a pachyderm; informally, it refers to anyone who's detached to feedback. paralysis (puh-RAL-uh-sis) NOUN: whole immobility, voluntarily or another way; involuntarily lack of physique circulation due to an damage or another ailment. parasite (PAR-uh-syt) NOUN: Something—including a person—who lives off of one other; a sponge or freeloader. passionless (PASH-uhn-lis) ADJECTIVE: with no ardour or emotion. passivity (pa-SIV-ih-tee) NOUN: Submissiveness; obedience. Her PASSIVITY happy him; he loved the holiday from her battling again. perfunctory (per-FUHNGK-tuh-ree) ADJECTIVE: played as an issue of regimen in a disinterested manner; automated.

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