Salamandastron (Redwall, Book 5)

By Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk

The population of Redwall chill out within the haze of summer-but as they do, the neighboring stronghold of Salamandastron lies besieged by way of the evil weasel military of Ferhago the murderer. Worse nonetheless, Mara, loved daughter of Urthstripe, Badger Lord of the fireplace Mountain, is in bad possibility. Then a lightning bolt uncovers the sword of Martin the Warrior, and younger Samkin embarks on an event that leads him to Mara. Can the nice creatures conquer the villainous murderer?

Illustrated by way of Gary Chalk

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Occasionally you amaze me. Do you already know how thick that mountain is? A butterfly could have extra likelihood attempting to knock down an oak tree. whilst do you are expecting them to wreck via – subsequent week, subsequent season, in ten seasons’ time, or twenty? ’ The murderer stood upright, his gold medal glowing within the firelight. ‘Come with me. I’ll exhibit you! ’ middle of the night had gone. Ferahgo’s diggers have been good complex however the Assassin’s self belief may have wilted had he noticeable what awaited him inside of Salamandastron. a number of hares have been hearing the banging and pounding from the surface. Bart Thistledown grinned wryly as he leaned on his lance. ‘Well, twist my ears. The artful ol’ blue-eyed villain! Who would’ve inspiration he may perhaps locate the outdated kitchen drain outlet. It used to be blocked up while i used to be a leveret. ’ colossal Oxeye took up a heavy spear and held it poised. ‘Good factor you heard the diggin’ an’ gruntin’, Barty m’lad. What d’you say we dig from this finish, provide these chaps just a little aid if they’re so fearful to return in? ’ Sapwood thought of this proposition then shook his head. ‘Pers’nally Hi’m agin it meself, an’ Lord Urthstripe wouldn’t be too ’appy approximately us ’elpin’ vermin. allow ’em do their very own diggin’. they need to be via afore mornin’. We’ll simply wait ’ere great ’n’ quiet. Penny, you stand by means of. while I counsel yer the wink, run an’ fetch ’is Lordship. ’ Pennybright stifled a younger chuckle. ‘Righto, Sarge. I can’t wait to determine what occurs while the jolly outdated vermin holiday via. ’ the 2 Captains, Doghead and Dewnose, have been operating like madbeasts. they'd received approximately spearlengths into the rock; the tunnel was once going to paintings. Horde squaddies coated the slender passage, passing again free boulders and shields piled excessive with pebbles and shale. open air at the moonlit seashore, others have been taking out the rubble. Doghead and Dewnose laboured not easy with iron bars and spearpoints, levering away on the packed mass of stone that blocked the outdated kitchen drain. either stoats knew that their lives trusted finishing the tunnel; nobeast failed Ferahgo. jointly they sweated and strained to prise out an important slab. ‘Come on, mate. Pull. We’ve acquired it! ’ ‘I’m pullin’. Owow! Me paw’s jammed – wait a sec! ’ ‘Migroo, get yerself up ’ere. Squeeze in there an’ carry that bar whereas Dog’ead will get ’is paw free. ’ ‘Owch! okay, I’m unfastened. Now get yer spearpoint in correct approximately ’ere, Migroo. I’ll look after the bar. be careful, or it’ll slide down an’ seize yer paws! ’ Crabeyes got here crawling up the tunnel and pulled their tails. ‘Outside you 3. The grasp an’ younger Klitch desires to see yer. ’ They crawled backwards out of the tunnel, scratched, bruised and coated in dirt. The murderer and his son awaited them at the sands. Ferahgo disregarded their salutes, wondering them anxiously. ‘Well, how is it going? Are you almost via but? ’ Doghead wiped airborne dirt and dust from his eyes and licked his injured paw. ‘It’s similar to you stated it’d be, grasp – all unfastened rock, none of it strong. We’re over spearlengths in now, shouldn’t be too lengthy prior to we holiday via.

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