Roget's Super Thesaurus

By Marc McCutcheon

Roget's tremendous Thesaurus is a perennial favourite between writers, and this most modern version has greater than 1,000 new and increased entries. This timesaving reference may also help you discover the appropriate synonym or antonym to provide your writing precision and colour. From aback to zydeco, you can find the precise observe you need.

Easy to exploit and accomplished in content material, Roget's great word list comprises those detailed features:

  • reverse dictionary
  • sample sentences
  • enlightening quotes
  • more that 400,000 synonyms and antonyms

the following time that elusive, just-right notice or word is at the tip of your tongue, succeed in for Roget's great Thesaurus. With extra good points than the other observe reference, it truly is is a must have for each writer's desk!

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Floating, adrift, offshore, at sea, at the water. afoot a. /adv. approximately, up and doing, astir. afraid a. scared, fearful, anxious, terrified, panic-stricken, alarmed, fearful, nervous, surprised, frozen, rattled, startled, leery, jumpy, *wide-eyed with worry, shaky, quivering, *chicken, *sweating bullets, *spooked, *scared stiff, faint-hearted, paralyzed, *saucer-eyed, horrified. ant. brave, cool, calm, fearless. see worry afresh adv. anew, back, once again. African a. Negro, Negroid, black, Nigerian, Egyptian, Algerian, Libyan, Sudanese, Ethiopian, Ugandan, Kenyan, Tanzanian, Angolan, Zambian, Botswanian, South African, Namibian, Bantu, Gabunese, Moroccan, Tunisian, Senegalese, Ghanaian, Bushman, Pygmy, Masai, Zulu. notice locate bushman: Qung dance: juba wilderness: Sahara, Kalahari, Libyan garment: tobe, kaross, haik gold zone: Rand grassland: veldt condo: tembe hut: kraal, tembe language: Bantu, Hamite, Swahili, Hausa tableland: karoo tree: cola, baobab, baku, sassy, moli, kola, bumbo, gamdeboo village: dorp, stad, kraal wind: simoom, simoon wooden: ebony, teak aft a. astern, abaft, again. ant. fore, entrance. after a. 1. later later on, thereafter, following, next. 2. in the back of preceded via, in again of, following. after prep. in pursuit of, trying to find, looking for. afterbirth n. placenta, membranes. afterlife n. heaven, hereafter, eternity, bliss, *the nice past, immortality. see heaven 22 Z9241i_A. indd 22 5/25/10 12:24:14 PM aftermath - agile aggrandize v. magnify, expand, extend, blow up, exaggerate, elevate, inflate, sing his own praises. ant. minimalize, cut back, deflate. worsen v. 1. make worse irritate, exacerbate, accentuate, heighten, deepen, *add gas to the fireplace, *fan the flames, *rub it in. 2. annoy aggravate, *bug, exasperate, vex, impress, inflame, rile, irk, ruffle, *rub the opposite direction, *miff, *yank one’s chain, *rattle one’s cage, *piss off. ant. 1. reduce, relieve, mitigate. 2. calm, humor, pacify. aggravation n. 1. worsening exacerbation, intensification, deepening, irritation, magnifying, deepening. 2. annoyance inflammation, vexation, exasperation, irritation, *pain, *pain within the ass, trouble, nuisance, *headache, *thorn in one’s aspect, trouble. ant. 1. development, lessening, relieving. 2. excitement, pride. mixture n. composite, overall, mass, cluster, combine, mixture, meeting, sum overall, entire. aggress v. assault, *jump on, start up. aggression n. 1. attack assault, offensive, raid, invasion, blitzkrieg. 2. hostility offensiveness, violence, belligerence, combativeness, pugnaciousness, struggle. “An innate, self reliant, instinctual disposition in guy … it constitutes the main robust hindrance to tradition. ”—Sigmund Freud. competitive a. 1. opposed belligerent, combative, offensive, violent, pugnacious, nasty, quarrelsome, militant. 2. daring or aggressive enterprising, *go-getting, *high octane, bold, assertive, power, pushy, energetic, obnoxious, domineering, forceful, *ballsy. ant. 1. passive, peaceable, gentle. 2. passive, lazy, ineffectual, laid-back, timid. aggressor n. attacker, initiator, invader, raider, trespasser, assailant, provoker, criminal, instigator.

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