Origins: A Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English

By Eric Partridge

This dictionary offers the origins of a few 20,000 goods from the fashionable English vocabulary, discussing them in teams that clarify the connections among phrases derived by means of a number of routes from initially universal inventory. in addition to giving the solutions to questions about the derivation of person phrases, it's a attention-grabbing booklet to flick through, given that each web page issues out hyperlinks with different entries. one could pursue such trails because the longer articles are written as non-stop prose truly divided up via numbered paragraphs and subheadings, and there's a cautious approach of cross-references. as well as the most A-Z directory, there are large lists of prefixes, suffixes, and parts utilized in the construction of recent vocabulary.

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Abase Origins 2 : past due ME abeese, abasse: OF abaissier (F abaisser): a, to+baissier, to decrease, from VL *bassiāre, from bassus, low: cf the adj BASE. Abasement: triggered through F abaissement, yet from abase+suffix -ment. abash : ME abashen, past abaisshen, earliest abaissen: OF esbair, esbahir (F ébahir), to astound: shaped both of es, from L ex, out (of)+bah! (astonishment)+inf suffix -ir, accordingly lit ‘to get a bah out of someone’, or, extra prob, of es+baer (Mod bayer), to bay, stimulated via baīf, astounded (B & W): cf ‘to BAY’. Abashment: OF esbahissement, from esbahir, stimulated through abaissier (see ABASE). Cf ABEYANCE. impede ; abatement. See BATE. (Cf debate, strive against, rebate. ) Cf the second BAT, para three. abattoir . See BATE. Cf the second BAT, para three. abbé , abbot, abbess; abbey, abbacy. The descent is from Aramaic abbā, father, hence: post-Class Gr indeclinable; , abbas (gen abbados), ‘reverend father’, abbot: (abba), I. LL Abba, ‘God the Father’; LL abbās (gen abbātis), abbot: LL acc abbātem, OF abet, abe, F abbé: LL o/s abbāt-, OE abbad, abbod—whence E abbot: II. LL abbātissa (from abbāt-, o/s of LL abbās)—OF abaesse, abbesse—whence E abbess: III. ML abbātia (same origin), monastery, convent, headed by means of an abbot or an abbess, A-Z three therefore an abbot’s workplace or dignity—whence E abbacy; and, from the fundamental LL experience, OF abaie, abeie (F abbaye), whence E abbey; the by-product ML adj abbātialis yields abbatial. abbreviate . See ADDENDA TO DICTIONARY. abdicate , abdication. See DICT, para eight. stomach ; belly. L abdōmen, o. o. o. , peril derives from abdere (ab+dare), to place away, apart, at a distance, therefore to hide or disguise. the fundamental experience of dare, to provide, has been misplaced within the cpds, which tackle that of the IE r *dhe-, to put. stomach: abdomin-, o/s of abdōmen+adj suffix -al. Cf the aspect abdomino-. abduct , abduction, abductor. See DUKE, para 6. aberrant , aberration. See ERR, para 2. Origins four abet , abettor. See BAIT. abeyance is an AF be aware deriving from MF-EF abeance, expectation, from MF-EF abeer: a (mod à), to+baer, beer, to gape (at): cf ABASH and esp BAY, v. easy proposal: wish deferred, unnecessary expectation. abhor , abhorrence, abhorrent. See HEARSE, para 7. abide . See BIDE, para 2. skill . See behavior, para five. abject A-Z five , abjection: f. a. e. JET. —Imm from L abiectus (ML abj-), pp of abi(i)cere, to throw away, and from the by-product abiectio, o/s abiection- (ML abj-). abjure , abjurement or abjuration. Cf CONJURE, yet see JURY, n, para four. ablation , ablative. See the first TOLL, para 6. ablaut . See LOUD, para three. ablaze : on, in+BLAZE, capable ; skill. See behavior, para five. abluent Origins 6 , ablution. See LAVA, para nine. abnegate , abnegation. See NEGATE, para 2. irregular , abnormality. See NORM, para three. Abo , abo. See beginning, para 6. aboard . See BOARD. dwelling house . See BIDE, para three. abolish A-Z 7 , abolishment, abolition (-ism, -ist): 1st, through abolissant, pres p, or (nous) abolissons, we abolish, from past due MF-F abolir, to abolish—cf perish from F périr—from L abolēre, to smash, to abolish, perh ex abolescere, to perish (ab, away, (hence) not+alescere, to nourish, cf ALIMENT); second either=abolish+suffix -ment or, extra prob, derives from F abolissement; third, abolition (whence abolitionism, abolitionist: cf the suffixes -ism, -ist): followed from overdue MF-F, which took it from abolitiōnem, the acc of L abolitiō, itself from abolitus, pp of abolēre.

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