Khums (The Islamic Tax)

By Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi - XKP

Since khums is an argument with which a Shi`ah Muslim is confronted once or more in a yr, the necessity for an easy and, even as, entire e-book in this topic has been felt in our neighborhood considering the fact that decades. And hence, whilst this ebook was once released in 1984 in Vancouver, it was once, al-hamdu lil-lah, rather well received.

These additions will provide the reader a quick inspect the heritage of khums. evidently, the scale and function of the e-book didn't enable me to accommodate this point of khums comprehensively.

Finally, a few functional matters concerning khums have been additionally additional in bankruptcy in the event you dwell within the West.



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Your Questions responded, vol. 1 (Dar-es-salaam: Bilal Muslim undertaking, 1973) p. 44-46. ) What has been quoted above is also substantiated from the perform of the Prophet of Islam himself. for instance, whilst the Prophet despatched `Amr bin Hazm to Yemen, he wrote directions for him during which, between different issues, he says, "… to collect the khums of Allah from the profits [of Yemenis]. " (Ibn Khaldun, Ta'rikh, vol. 2, half II (Beirut: al-A`lami, 1971) p. fifty four; Ibn Kathir, al-Bidayah wa 'n-Nihayah, vol. five (Beirut: al-Ma`arif, 1966) pp. 76-77; Ibn Hisham, Sirah, vol. four (Beirut: Daru 'l-Jayl, 1975) p. 179. ) And while the tribe of Bani Kilal of Yemen despatched its khums to the Prophet, the latter recognizes it by means of asserting, "Your messenger has again and you have got paid the khums of Allah from the earnings (al- ghana'im). " (Abu `Ubayd, al-Amwal (Beirut: Mu'assah Nasir, 1981) p. thirteen; al-Hakim, Mustadrak, vol. 1 (Hyderabad: `Uthmaniyyya Press, 1340 AH) p. 395. For extra references, see Ja`far Murtada al-`Amili, al-Sah? h fi Sirati 'n-Nabi, vol. three (Qum: n. p, 1983) p. 309. ) it really is attention-grabbing to notice that the Bani Kilal obeyed the Prophet's order and despatched the khums of its earnings to him whereas no conflict had taken position among the Muslims of Yemen and the unbelievers. this can be a transparent indication that khums was once no longer limited via the Prophet to the spoils of battle. the significance given via the Prophet to the problem of khums is usually noticeable in his suggestion to the delegation of Bani `Abdu 'l-Qays. apparently Bani `Abdu 'l-Qays (which used to be a department of Rabi`ah) was once no longer a really powerful tribe. in addition, which will go back and forth to Medina, that they had to pass a space inhabited by way of the Muzar tribe which was once opposed to the Muslims. for this reason, the Bani `Abdu 'l-Qays couldn't trip accurately to Medina other than in the course of the months within which war-fare used to be forbidden in line with the Arab customized. as soon as a delegation from Bani `Abdu 'l-Qays got here to Medina and acknowledged to the Prophet, "We can't come to you other than within the haram months [when war-fare is forbidden], and there are among us and also you the unbelievers of Muzar. for that reason, please supply us a few recommendation that we can provide to these whom we now have left at the back of and that we may possibly input the Paradise [by performing on it ourselves]. " The Prophet recommended them to think in a single God, identify prayer, pay zakat, quick within the month of Ramadhan, and "to pay khums (one-fifth) of no matter what you achieve. " (Bukhari, Sahihu 'l-Bukhari, vol. four (Beirut: Daru 'l-`Arabiyyah, n. d. ) p. 213; Abu `Ubayd, al-Amwal, p. thirteen. This has additionally been recorded via different Sunni assets of hadith like Sahih Muslim, Sunan Nisa'i, Musnad of Ahmad bin Hanbal, and Sunan of Tirmidhi. ) The conditions of the Bani `Abdu 'l-Qays — they have been susceptible and small in numbers, and have been hence avoided from touring correctly to Medina — leaves no room for analyzing the applying of khums within the above hadith on spoils of conflict completely. * * * Khums is wajib on seven goods; yet during this publication we are going to speak about merely goods: (1) the revenue or surplus of the source of revenue, and (2) valid wealth that's combined with a few illegitimate wealth.

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