How to Sound Really Clever: 600 Words You Need to Know

How to Sound relatively smart explains and illustrates over six hundred phrases which can outfox us, corresponding to 'condign', 'Zelig-like' and 'agitprop'. this is often the sequel to the winning How to Sound shrewdpermanent (2010) which taught you six hundred phrases you actually should recognize yet have not had the time to appear up within the dictionary.

Each access positive aspects an etymological description in addition to invaluable instance words in order that readers can speedy see the right kind context for every notice. Anecdotes and witty illustrations look all through to make this an interesting booklet that would support readers to spice up their vocabulary.

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G. definite political opponents have introduced vicious advert hominem assaults on Obama, wondering his US citizenship adamantine (adj. ) = very unlikely to wreck (pronounced ‘ad-uhman-tie-n’) from the Greek, adamas: untamable, from a: now not + daman: to tame e. g. Beatrix Potter shaped an adamantine bond along with her nanny’s teenagers, and used to put in writing them letters dotted with images, which she ultimately accrued into her first booklet alarmist adepts (of) (noun) = somebody who's expert (at whatever) from the Latin adeptus: completed e. g. newshounds get pleasure from ridiculing adepts of Scientology for his or her ideals adipose (adj. ) = (of physique tissue) used for the garage of fats (pronounced ‘ad-uh-pohs’) from the Latin, adeps, adipis: fats e. g. youngsters who spend all day in entrance of the television quickly enhance adipose layers round their midriff to adumbrate (verb) = to stipulate (pronounced ‘ad-uhm-breyt’) from the Latin ad-: to, and umbrare: to solid a shadow (from umbra: colour) e. g. In Lord of the Flies, William Golding adumbrated the way in which society can quick revert to savagery agitprop (noun) = political propaganda, particularly in drama and paintings (pronounced ‘aj-it-prop’) from the Russian agitatsiya: agitation, and propaganda: propaganda e. g. Harold Pinter’s prior performs, targeting love and gear struggles, are even more renowned than the agitprop drama of his later years akimbo (adv. ) = (of fingers) with fingers at the hips and elbows became outward in a V-formation; (of legs) flung out wildly from the center English in: in, and kenebowe: bend e. g. if you happen to stumble upon a celeb in a bar, you'll mostly see a bodyguard beside them, wearing black and with palms akimbo alarmist (adj. ) = inflicting useless alarm from the previous French alarme: alarm, from Italian allarme, from all’arme! : to hands! e. g. a few scientists say speak of world warming is alarmist albatross (around the neck) albatross (around the neck) (set word) = a resource of annoyance or guilt for complete rationalization, see field under e. g. Pavarotti used to be often called ‘the king of cancellations’ and – as he frequently pulled out of occasions on the final minute – frequently ended up as an albatross for organisers This metaphorical feel of ‘albatross’ derives from Coleridge’s poem Rime of the traditional Mariner (1798), which contains a sailor who shoots an albatross lifeless. After the capturing, the to blame sailor within the poem is then pressured to put on the bird’s carcass all over the place he is going – as an indication that he on my own, and never the remainder of the staff, was once liable for the dying of the albatross (which was once commonly noticeable as a good-luck charm). And so an albatross turns into an encumbrance for the sailor, and entered the language as a metaphor for a resource of destructive emotion. ambit (noun) = the scope of whatever from the Latin, ambitus: circuit, from ambire: to head round e. g. After he became forty, he determined that any woman among the a long time of 20 and forty fell inside of his relationship ambit amour fou (set word) = an uncontrollable ardour (pronounced ‘amore foo’) from the French, amour fou: insane love e.

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