Hajj The Islamic Pilgrimage According to 5 Schools of Islamic Law

By Allamah Mohd Jawad Maghniyyah - XKP

At the start, as a way to make it more straightforward for the reader to stick with the reviews of the 5 colleges of fiqh approximately a variety of points of Hajj, we will in short define their series as ordained through the Shari'ah.

The Hajj pilgrim coming from a spot far away from Mecca assumes ihram1 from the miqat2 on his means, or from some extent parallel to the nearest miqat, and begins reciting the talbiyah.3 during this there's no distinction among one acting `Umrah mufradahor any of the 3 different types of Hajj (i.e. tamattu, ifrad, qiran). even though, those that dwell in the haram4 of Mecca think ihram from their houses.'5

On sighting the Holy Ka'bah, he recites takbir اللَّهِ أَكْبَر (i.e. `God is the greatest') and tahlil لا إله إلا الله (i.e. `There isn't any god other than Allah')



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In keeping with the Hanbali and Shafi'i schools,tayammum substitutes ghusl. The Imamiyyah jurists vary in this subject, a few contemplate it permissible, others no longer. in line with the Imamiyyah university, it truly is mustahabb to depart the hair of the top uncut, yet based on the Shafi'i, Hanafi and Hanbali colleges, it's mustahabb to shave the pinnacle. (al‑Fiqh `ala al‑madhahib al‑'arba`ah) in accordance with the Hanafi institution, it really is sunnah for one that desires to imagine ihram to odor his physique and garments with a fragrance whose hint doesn't stay after ihram other than the scent. in accordance with the Shafi'i college, it issunnah, other than while one is fasting, to use body spray to the physique after the tub. additionally, perfuming the garments doesn't subject. in accordance with the Hanbali institution, one could body spray the physique; and the garments with karahah. (al‑Fiqh `ala al‑madhahib al‑'arba `ah) in line with the Hanafi, Maliki and Shafi'i colleges, it truly is mustahabb for the muhrim to wish raka'at sooner than assuming ihram after the midday prayer or the other compulsory prayer. If he has no compulsory prayer to make on the time of ihram, he may still provide six, or 4 or a minimum of raka`at for the ihram. (al‑Jawahir) Al‑ 'Ishtirat Al‑Muhaqqiq al‑Hilli, the Imamiyyah pupil, in his paintings Tadhkirat al‑fuqaha', says that for one proceeding ihram it's mustahabb to make a situation with God on the time of assuming ihram, by means of asserting: اللهم اني أريد ماأمرتني به، فإن منعتني مانعٌ عن تمامه وحبسني عنه حابسٌ فجعلني في حل. O God, certainly I desire to satisfy Thy command, but when any obstacle retains me from finishing it or a barrier obstructs me from it, exonerate me. Abu Hanifah, al‑Shafi'i, and Ahmad ibn Hanbal additionally contemplate it mustahabb. even though, this ishtirat doesn't assist in relieving one of many responsibilities of the Hajj if he have been to come across an obstacle which retains him from getting via it. The Wajibat of Ihram The wajibat of ihram, with a few distinction among the felony colleges on a few issues, are 3: niyyah(intention); talbiyah; and placing on of the garments of ihram. Al‑Niyyah evidently niyyah or goal is vital to each voluntary act; for each such act is prompted by way of wakeful purpose. accordingly, a few students have mentioned that had we been assigned an obligation to be played with out purpose it is going to were very unlikely to be performed. even if, while the query of goal is raised when it comes to the pilgrim (of the Hajj or the `Umrah), what's intended is whether or not he turns into muhrim completely as a result of the niyyah or if whatever else is needed furthermore, acknowledging that ihram is void if assumed lightly or absent‑mindedly. in accordance with the Hanafi university, ihram isn't thought of to begin completely with purpose until it truly is followed by means of the utterance of the talbiyah (Fath al‑qadir). in line with the Shafi'i, Imamiyyah and Hanbali faculties, the ihram is thought simply through niyyah (al‑Jawahir, Fiqh al‑Sunnah). The Imamiyyah upload that it really is compulsory for the niyyah to coincide with the graduation of ihram, and it isn't adequate for the act of niyyah to ensue during assuming ihram.

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