Guild Wars: Sea of Sorrows

By Ree Soesbee

An unique novel according to Guild Wars—the award-winning epic delusion hugely multiplayer on-line role-playing game!

Death Sails the Seas . . .

The misplaced nation of Orr lies underneath the sea waves, a whole civilization swallowed via an old cataclysm. for hundreds of years, it has lain dormant within the depths, its historic secrets and techniques misplaced.

Until now.

The Elder Dragon Zhaitan has risen. In its wake, the drowned country of Orr is reborn—and one other is destroyed. the town of Lion’s Arch, for generations a cornerstone of civilization in Tyria, is brutally swept underneath the waves, leaving not anything yet ruins. one of the survivors is Cobiah Marriner, a human sailor shipwrecked via the tsunami and stranded at sea. whilst he's rescued via a ferocious charr, Cobiah is familiar with that he’s been plunged right into a global eternally changed.

Now, Zhaitan’s undead servants dominate the ocean, destroying port after port and slaughtering whatever of their course. in the course of smash, Cobiah vows to work out Lion’s Arch rebuilt. Amid the hurricane of the dragon’s emerging, Cobiah needs to develop into a hero to his staff and an admiral to the pirate fleet, and face the ghosts of his prior. purely then will he grasp the ocean of Sorrows and weigh down the armada of Orr.

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Don’t tempt destiny. ” Cobiah made the signal of Dwayna within the air. “Fate can’t be tempted. It’s a part of the everlasting Alchemy, similar to every little thing else. Days move, the cogs flip, the long run comes. ” Macha chuckled at his superstition. “Don’t fear. Everything’s in position. Sykox will sneak again, and we’ll lower the final of the remains and use the mooring poles to push off from the sand. After that, the breeze and the tide will sweep us out to satisfy the satisfaction. I’ll even use an phantasm to darken the Capricorn. She’ll be approximately invisible opposed to the water at evening. as soon as Sykox will get the following, that's. ” “Catch ’em at sea, set them alight, burn ’em all of the day and evening, we’ll supply ’em a broadsi-i-i-i-de . . . ” “If Sykox will get right here, that's. ” “He’ll be the following. ” Macha driven a sandbag over the aspect, letting it sink into the water with a smooth flumph of the waves. “That fur-brain didn’t like this idea,” Cobiah fretted. “Maybe he’s replaced his brain. ” “He hasn’t. Sykox’d by no means abandon you,” Macha stated. while Cobiah raised an eyebrow inquisitively, the asura pinned him with a glare, the way in which one could repair a trojan horse to a section of corkboard. “Sykox considers you a part of his warband. ” A hot feeling swelled in Cobiah’s chest on the asura’s phrases. a part of a warband? That used to be like being a member of a charr’s kinfolk. With a large grin, he slashed all however the previous couple of tethers and pulled himself aboard the darkish shadow of the send. Cobiah wrung the water from his garments onto the sleek forums of the deck, shivering within the cold evening. Wriggling up the critical mast, Cobiah started to untie the sail lacings. The bowlines spun out in his hand, shedding stealthily to the floor because the canvas started to unfurl. It wouldn’t take a lot to begin the send relocating as soon as the sails might seize the smooth evening breeze. Already, he may possibly suppose the Capricorn tugging lightly opposed to her final moorings. Amid the sound of the send relocating . . . “Did you pay attention that? ” His arms iced up at the mast traces. “That appeared like track. ” Macha driven one other sandbag over the part. “Sykox bellows like a foghorn. I’d rarely name it track. ” “No, no longer that. hear. ” Wind rippled the Capricorn’s sails. within the quiet, Cobiah might pay attention water lapping opposed to the hull, echoing because it rolled onto the sandy shore. Laughter trickled around the water from Port Stalwart’s bars and lodges, lighting drifting over the water as late-night buyers and sailors moved approximately at the dock. The sound of violins and drums pulsed in a few far away tavern, and farther alongside the town streets, Cobiah may listen faint shouts, as though from a few gentle argument or struggle. None of that had stuck his consciousness. there has been whatever underneath the noise of Port Stalwart and the ocean. He may pay attention a smooth chiming, like a string of silver bells twisting a few slim ankle. “There it's back. Did you pay attention it? ” “You don’t need to repeat your self, Coby. Asura have much better listening to than people, you recognize. ” Macha’s outsized ears rose just a little. “You’re correct. I do listen whatever. yet who will be enjoying an asuran xaphoon in Kryta?

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