Gudea and his Dynasty (RIM The Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia)

By Dietz Otto Edzard

Gudea governed over the Sumerian city-state of Lagas throughout the twenty first century B.C.E., and left a massive wealth of inscriptions concerning his development job and pious donations, displayed on statues, clay cylinders, mace heads, vessels and plenty of different items. The principal a part of the e-book is Gudea's incription devoted to the development of the Eninnu, the most sanctuary of his city-god Ningirsu. it really is composed of 2 elements, each one displayed on an important clay cylinder measuring 60 cm in top and 33 cm in diameter. The composition as a complete has 1366 situations or traces, and is without doubt one of the longest Sumerian literary texts recognized at the present. even though officially a development inscription, it's even as Sumerian poetic paintings at its top, and in addition a wealthy resource for the examine of Sumerian faith.

Gudea's inscriptions and people of his predecessors and fans are provided within the Latin transliteration of the unique cuneiform texts, in translation, and they're supplied with introductions, commentaries and explanatory notes, with the quantity as a complete highlighting a century which was once a part of the so-called Neo-Sumerian period.

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Dnin-izi-mú-a in Gudea 69:1 and Gestin-anna's epithet nin-ázi-mú-a. Gudea E3/1. 1. 7. StM fifty six 7) Col. 1) 2) three) four) alan-na-ni iii mu-tu nam-šitaX(REC 316)-e ba-gub mu-šè mu-na-sa4 é-a-ni-a mu-na-ni-ku4(REC a hundred forty five) ii 7) He shaped iii 1 ) a statue of himself. iii 2-4) "It stands in (constant) prayer" — (this is how) he named (the statue) för her sake, and he introduced it to her into her condominium. Statue N Gudea models a statue of himself, status, and dedicates it to Gestinanna. Provenance unknown. remark AO 22126, "Gudéa au vase jaillissant. " Statue of doubtful fabric (see below), status; the arms carry a vase from which stream streams of water, the left one over, the perfect one lower than the arm of the statue; the streams result in one other flowing vase on the base of the statue; fish are swimming upward within the water streams. Inscription on higher correct arm (caption) and less than the vase, among the water streams. peak sixty one cm. the fabric has been variously defined: dolerite (Parrot, Tello p. 167, and Strommenger Bagh. Mitt. 1 p. 64), calcite (Johansen, Mesopotamia 6 p. 20), steatite or calcite (Colbow, Rundplastik p. 136). The inscription is the same with these of Statues M and O apart from the identify of the statue. The authenticity of the statue has been doubted; cf. Alster in Johansen, Mesopotomia 6 pp. 49-59. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1930 Scheil, RA 27 pp. 162-63 (study), pis. I—II (after p. 164; photographs: correct facet and entrance; again part and left) 1948 Parrot, Tello pp. 166-67 (study), pi. XVd (photo: correct aspect, entrance) 1969 Parrot, Sumer picture 264 (front) 1975 Orthmann, Der Alte Orient picture fifty four (front) 1978 Alster in Johansen, Mesopotamia 6 pp. 49-59 (discussion of authenticity) 1978 Johansen, Mesopotamia 6 pp. 20-21 (study), pis. 64—70 (photos: entrance, correct and left aspects, again, information of head) 1980 1981 1981 1982 Amiet, artwork of the traditional close to East photograph fifty two (right facet) Carroué (see Statue M) Spyckct, Statuaire p. 191 (study), picture a hundred twenty five (left part) André-Leicknam, Naissance de récriture p. eighty three no. 39 (photo: entrance) 1987 Colbow, Rundplastik pp. 136-37 (study) 1991 Steible, NSBW 1 pp. 232-33 (edition), 2 p. seventy six (commentary) textual content Caption on top correct arm: 1-6) = Statue M caption 1-6 Inscription on skirt: Col. i 1-4) = Statue M i 1-4. Col. ii 1-5) = Statue M ii 1-5. Col. iii 1-3) = Statue M ii 6-7, iii 1. d four) gestin-an-na-ke4 five) nam-ltil mu-na-sum 6-7) = Statue M iii 3-4. iii 4-5) "Gestinanna gave existence to him" — Gudea E3/1. 17StO fifty seven Statue O Gudea models a statue of himself, status, and dedicates it to Gestinanna. Provenance unknown. observation new york Carlsberg Glyptotek, Cat. no. 840, "Gudéa debout de Copenhague. " Statue of eco-friendly and black steatite (but Parrot, Tello p. 166; "stéatite grisâtre"), status, fingers clasped. Inscription on higher correct arm (caption) and on reduce entrance a part of garment. top sixty three cm. The inscription is similar with these of Statues M and N apart from the identify of the statue (iii 2-3). The authenticity of the statue has been doubted; cf. Alster in Johansen, Mesopotamia 6 pp.

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