Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar

With a facsimile of the Siloam Inscription by means of: Euting, J.;

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R. D. ] web page 123, § forty five e, upload: cf . additionally ‫ מ הפכה‬followe d b y ‫את‬, Is thirteen , Am four (§115 d). web page a hundred seventy five, § sixty seven. See B , Halper , ' The Participial formations of the forty three 12 21 1 12 five 19 eleven Note to the 15th ImpressionIX Geminate Verbs ' in ΖA W. 1910, pp . forty two ff. , ninety nine ff. , 201 ff. (also facing the standard verb). web page 177, a t th e finish of § sixty seven g th e followin g paragrap h ha s bee n by chance passed over: Rem. Accordin g to the present view, this strengthenin g of the 1st radica l i s merel y meant t o giv e th e bi‫־‬litera l ste m a t leas t a tri-literal visual appeal . (Possibl y aided b y the analogy of verbs ‫ פ״ן‬, as P . Haupt has instructed to me in dialog. ) Bu t cf. Kautzsch, ' Die sog. aramaisierenden Formen der Verba ‫ ע״ע‬im Hebr. ' in Oriental. Studien zum 70. Geburtstag Th. Nöldekes, 1906, p . 771 ff . I t i s there proven (i)that th e sprucing of the first radical usually serve s to stress a specific which means (cf. ‫ר‬3‫י‬, yet *‫ יגרה‬, ‫ יחל‬and ‫ י סב יחל‬and ‫^סב‬, ‫ ישם‬and ‫)השם‬, an d somewhere else n o doub t t o dissimilat e th e vowels (as ‫!? ר‬, ‫ ללל‬, by no means ‫ יךל יגר‬, &c. ) : (2) tha t th e sharpenin g o f th e 1st radical usually seems to be occasioned through the character of the firs t lette r of the stem, specially while it's a sibilant. Whethe r th e masoreti c pronunciation i s in keeping with an early culture, or the Masor a ha s arbi trarily followed aramaizing kinds to realize th e abov e items, needs to be t not sure. ‫ז‬ ‫י‬ I lef web page 236, § eighty five c, upload ‫ ה נזכןה‬Ezr four . web page 273, § ninety three qq finish , upload ‫ מיםרית‬Je r five , ‫רבעים‬, E ‫ שממות‬is forty nine , ‫ עממים‬L a ι (cf . König, ii . 109). 22 five eight sixteen z 20, five LIST O F ABBREVIATIONS the next abbreviations hav e sometimes been used for works and periodicals often quote d :— AJSL. = the United States n magazine of Semitic Languages. CIS. — Corpu s Inscriptionum Semiticarum. Ed. Mant. = Biblia Hebraica e x recensione Sal . Norz i edidi t Raphae l Hayyim Basila, Mantuae 1742-4. Jabl. = Bibli a Hebraica ex recensione D. E. Jablonski, Berolini, ‫־‬1699. JQR. = Jewis h Quarterly evaluation. ΚΑΤ. = Di e Keilinschrifte n un d das Alte testomony , third ed. b y Η. Zimmern and H. Winckler, 2 vols. , Berlin, 1902 f. Lexicon — A Hebrew and Englis h Lexico n of the Ol d testomony, according to th e glossary and Lexico n of Gesenius, by way of F . Brown, S. R. motive force, and C. A. Briggs, Oxford, 1906. NB. =J. Barth , Die Nominalbildung in den semitischen Sprachen . Lpz. 1889-94. NGGW. = Nachrichten der Göttinger Gesellschaft de r Wissenschaften . ΟLZ. = Orientalistisch e Literaturzeitung. Vienna , 1898 ff. PRE. = Realencyclopädi e für protestantische Theologie un d Kirche , third ed. by means of A. Hauck. Lpz . 1896 ff. PSBA = continuing s of the Societ y of Biblical Archaeology. London , 1879 ff. REJ. = Revu e des Etudes Juives. Paris , 1880 ff. Sam. = Th e (Hebrew) Pentateuch of the Samaritans . SBOT. = Sacre d publication s of the Ol d testomony, ed. via P. Haupt. Lpz. and Baltimore , 1893 ff. ThLZ. = Theologisch e Literaturzeitung , ed . through Ε. Schürer. Lpz . 1876 ff. VB. = = Vorderasiatische Bibliothek, ed.

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