Fragrant: The Secret Life of Scent

By Mandy Aftel

Winner of the 2016 Perfumed Plume Award

The “Alice Waters of yankee traditional body spray” ( celebrates our so much effective experience, via 5 rock stars of the aromatic international.
Mandy Aftel is greatly acclaimed as a trailblazer in average perfumery. Over 20 years of sourcing the best fragrant constituents from around the world and growing artisanal fragrances, she has been an evangelist for the transformative energy of odor. In Fragrant, via 5 significant gamers within the epic of aroma, she explores the profound connection among our experience of odor and the appetites that flow us, provide us excitement, make us totally alive. Cinnamon, queen of the Spice path, touches our starvation for the unknown, the unique, the luxury. Mint, homegrown internationally, speaks to our affinity for the popular, the local, the actual. Frankincense, an historical incense element, faucets into our eager for transcendence, whereas ambergris embodies our unquenchable interest. and beautiful jasmine exemplifies our longing for attractiveness, either evanescent and enduring.
In addition to offering a riveting initiation into the historical past, ordinary historical past, and philosophy of odor, Fragrant imparts the necessities of smell literacy and comprises recipes for easy-to-make fragrances and safe to eat, drinkable, and valuable concoctions that display the inventive chances of growing with—and reveling in—aroma. classic line drawings make for a quantity that might be a valuable reward in addition to a very good learn.

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