Five Portraits (The Xanth Novels)

Piers Anthony grants one other story set within the bestselling international of Xanth, full of magic, surprises, experience, and some puns. Here’s what the writer has to claim approximately his new book: 

Five Portraits is a type of sequel to Board Stiff in that it choices up the place the opposite leaves off, with an identical characters. except that, it’s one in all my favorites in the sequence. There’s anything approximately Astrid Basilisk that appeals to me: a really beautiful woman whose very look is lethal, but she’s a pleasant individual whose selfless attempt to save lots of 5 tricky young ones from destiny Xanth is punctiliously beneficial. I additionally just like the subject of the facility of not going friendship. not only Xanth, yet Mundania, too, will be larger if there have been extra such friendships.”

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