FADHAIL USH-SHIA - The Merits of the Shia

By Sheikh Sadooq - XKP

It includes round fifty narrations concerning the benefits that the true Shia in the event that they signify Shiism properly.



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At the Circumambulating day of the subsequent yr, he acknowledged to me: "O Maisar, basically at the present time i'm authorized to respond to your final query. " I stated: "Well, how can or not it's proved in the course of the booklet of Allah? " He (a) acknowledged: this can be in sura of Arrahman. it really is: "On that day, no mankind -among you- or jinn could be requested approximately his sin (55:39). " I acknowledged: "This Verse doesn't contain 'among you' that you've acknowledged. " He (a) spoke back: "The first one that distorted the Verse[56] used to be son of Arwa,[57] since it was once proof opposed to his pals and him. with out the lifestyles of 'among you' within the Verse, the sentence of the punishment of Allah, strong and Majestic is He, will stop to be legitimate for the entire creatures. If Allah won't ask any guy or jinn approximately his sin, whom will he punish at the Day of Resurrection, then? "[58] bankruptcy forty four (44) HONORING THE SHIA IN PARADISE Mohammed bin al-Hasan bin al-Waleed (r) narrated to us that Mohammed bin al-Hasan as-Saffar with regards to him… that al-Abbas bin Yazid stated: at some point, I stated to Abu Abdullah (a): Allah could make me your sacrifice. what's the which means of: "If you have been to determine it, you are going to locate it to be a very good state with nice bounty (76:20)"? He acknowledged to me: "After Allah permits the folks of Paradise to go into there, he sends a messenger to 1 of His disciples. The messenger will locate at the door of that disciple a few doorkeepers who will ask him to attend until eventually they receive permission for him. for that reason, even the messenger of Allah can't attend earlier than the disciples earlier than they're approved. this is often the that means of Allah's asserting: "If you have been to determine it, you will locate it to be a very good state with nice bounty (67:20)"[59] bankruptcy forty five (45) THE IMAMS ARE THE INTERCESSORS OF PARADISE Mohammed bin Musa bin al-Mutawakkil (r) narrated to us that Mohammed bin Yahya al-Attar narrated to him from Ahmed bin al-Ayes… that Ja'far bin Mohammed (a) acknowledged: "On the Day of Resurrection, we'll intercede for the sinful members between our Shia. Allah will keep the righteous ones. "[60] bankruptcy forty six 1. INDEX OF THE QURANIC TEXTS VERSE quantity web page All intimate acquaintances on that day… 43:67 411 one of the believers, there are humans… 33:23 410 and also you -the Shaitan- don't have any… 15:42 414 Are those that recognize equivalent to these… 39:9 412 yet these to whom we now have already promised … 21:101 four hundred yet why is it that we won't see… 38:62 414 Eblis, what avoided you from… 38:75 385 He has now not entered into Aqaba… 90:11 416 i'm All-forgiving to him who repented… 20:82 418 when you have been to determine it, you are going to locate… 76:20 444 O soul that's serene… 89:27 423 On that day, no mankind or jinn… 55:39 442 in this day, masters can be of no gain… 44:41 412 one that obeys the Messenger has… 4:80 430 So, no soul understands what's hidden for them… 32:17 435 Take merely what the Messenger provides… 59:7 430 inform My servants who've devoted injustice… 39:53 413 The angels glorify their Lord along with his… 42:5 410 The pal of the prophets, saints, shahids… 4:69 456 They have been the offspring of each other… 3:34 475 We didn't locate many between them retaining… 7:102 453 we will eliminate all hatred… 15:47 453 you've attained a excessive ethical normal… 68:4 430 bankruptcy forty seven 2.

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