Curse: The Dark God Book 2 (Volume 2)

By John D. Brown

Argoth and Shim have just a brief season sooner than Mokad involves annihilate them. If they’re going to outlive, they're going to have to increase a military of dreadmen and fell-maidens and educate them within the lore.

Argoth sends out a decision to Groves through the western lands and starts off to coach Talen, Sugar, and 3 hundred others. yet Mokad isn’t ready. Mokad has already despatched an armada with armies from 4 glorydoms. It has additionally despatched its Guardian—a terrifying Divine all people thinks is a sleth best friend, coming with a call for participation from Argoth himself to hitch Shim’s men.

Outnumbered and outmatched, humankind is set to lose its first likelihood in an age to struggle opposed to those that enslave them. except, after all, this new Grove can be able to do what no different has ever performed prior to.

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Is that so? ” he stated and folded his hands. “I don’t understand that it’s clever to have ladies within the military. i feel they distract the lads and waste important hearth. we wish to multiply killers, now not posies, in spite of the fact that lovely they give the impression of being in a field. ” River stated, “I bet you’ve now not heard of lethal nightshade. i believe you underestimate the makes use of of vegetation. ” “I hardly ever underestimate. ” At that second Argoth emerged from the hallway. “Uncle,” Talen stated. Eresh lower in. “You instructed me you had a military. That’s a shaggy dog story. Your operations are flabby. Undisciplined. jam-packed with maggots and worms, and worse—I comprehend you made a call for participation to that blond goat turd from Lem. We’re going to speak about him. ” Talen anticipated Argoth to bridle on the Kish’s offence, yet he laughed as an alternative. “Maggots? Coming from you I’d say that’s a praise. ” “The one vibrant spot is your armory. You inform that leather-based bag Shim he can continue his smithing team. ” “I’m convinced the warlord could be satisfied to understand you’ve given your permission. ” “Look, you haven’t obtained time for coddling. If Mokad is already lower than sail, you’re useless. useless. i might suggest a couple of fireplace sacrifices. ” He pointed at River. “And i might wait at the fist of fell-maidens. ” “No, previous friend,” acknowledged Argoth. “There may be no sacrifices. ” Eresh licked his backside lip, twiddling with a flake of pores and skin there. “You’re too fastidious,” he stated. “I can promise you Mokad isn't really sparing its hearth. ” River lower in. “Master Kish, I’m sorry, yet we have to file. Uncle, our state of affairs has replaced. ” Then she checked out the Kish in a manner that urged they flow to another situation. “It’s all right,” Argoth stated. He positioned a hand at the Kish’s shoulder. “This is Eresh the Horlomite—dreadman, terrorman, and throughout bane. He’s as bloody as they arrive. And he’s going to get this military able to conflict Divines. He’s an previous pal who has left his tidy den of elderly iniquity at my request. ” “And a great den it was,” Eresh stated. “But now not finer than having the ability to strike one of these blow that the enemy may possibly by no means get well. Eh? ” “I informed you I wouldn’t devote until eventually I’d obvious what i wanted to work out. You’re no fit for Mokaddian terrors. now not but. yet which may swap. in particular if we will be able to develop the ranks as that Shim thinks he can. ” “So you settle for? ” “You will offer me a cook dinner and a girl. The cook dinner might be mine and mine on my own. the lady will want a bit of mind approximately her, yet no longer an excessive amount of. ” “We supplies the cook,” acknowledged Argoth. “As for the lady, you’ll need to persuade a prepared sufferer by yourself. ” “Mokaddians,” Eresh acknowledged with disgust. “I’ll do it with no the girl then. yet I let you know this: the prepare dinner had larger rotting good have the ability to serve up the celebrities and moon each morning, noon, and evening. ” “You’ll have lark tongues for breakfast,” stated Argoth. “I don’t like lark,” acknowledged Eresh. “Then you’ll be served worms. Isn’t that what you Kish consume? ” “Only while it’s time for romance making. ” “That’s correct. I forgot the Kish wanted aid. ” “Do you recognize why Mokaddian don’t devour worms? ” Eresh requested. Argoth waited. “Because they've got not anything to augment, and is the reason why your ladies are so unhappy.

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