City of gods - Hellenica

By Jonathan Maas

The gods are again, and they're tearing this international apart

Zeus, Dagon, Loki, Lugh and numerous different deities have come again to this earth and rule over their person districts without target except satiating their very own petty desires.

The sole final practical province, Hellenica, comes to a decision to behave. They construct the Academy and are approximately to recruit sixteen younger gods with the hopes of teaching them to police this world.

The Horsemen

Of those sixteen younger gods, 4 have unusual powers that the Academy is probably not capable of regulate. Kayana Marx, Gunnar Redstone, Tommy Alderon and Saoirse Frost aren’t like common gods, and their skills stem from the Monotheistic times.

But if Hellenica has any desire of maintaining this global jointly, they're going to need to train those 4 to workout their powers to their fullest volume, whether it could actually convey every thing to an apocalyptic end.

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Do we get round this Kraken? ” requested Tommy. “No,” acknowledged Gunnar. “His variety is simply too monstrous. as soon as he sees us, he’ll get ahold folks along with his tentacles, after which we’re performed. ” “I’ve received a suit,” acknowledged Tommy. “I made it out of titanium alloy—” “That clicking sound is his beak,” stated Gunnar. “It can positioned a gap in a metal send. no matter if he can’t holiday your swimsuit, he’ll carry you less than the water for a number of days and check out. ” Gunnar studied the images back. The go out was once essentially at the back of this creature, yet regrettably there has been no well past it. I in basic terms understand how keep away from Krakens, to not get earlier them, suggestion Gunnar. 4 unarmed teenagers in chilly water won’t be capable of get away its tentacles. There’s obtained to be one other passageway round it. “Tommy, are you able to see one other course? ” acknowledged Gunnar. “A tunnel, one other direction, whatever ...? ” “I can’t see anything,” acknowledged Tommy. “But possibly if we—” “There’s no different way,” acknowledged Saoirse. “The Kraken understands this, and that i feel it. He’s blocking off the single go out. ” “Can we entice him away? ” requested Tommy. which may be it, concept Gunnar with a grin. “Legend has it that Krakens are tremendous protecting in their young,” stated Gunnar, “even younger no longer their very own. uncovered Kraken eggs ship an electric sign in the course of the water and will trap them from far-off, even a juvenile. ” “True,” stated Saoirse. “I’ve heard this legend too. ” “We don’t have Kraken eggs,” acknowledged Gunnar, “but Tommy, are you able to simulate the sign from a Kraken egg? ” Tommy shook his head no. “We discovered a lot on Lepros,” stated Tommy, “but we didn’t know about sea creatures. ” Gunnar paused to imagine. This isn’t the pit, this isn’t the Agoge. even though this is often education, this is often actual. The Kraken is genuine, and if it grabs carry of 1 folks with a tentacle, Bes won’t be capable of aid. “Then we return the best way we came,” stated Gunnar. “We fail, dwell to struggle one other day, and—” “I’ll go,” stated Kayana. The crew seemed again at her. She’d came upon a ledge above the water and used to be perched within the darkness, having a look off to a wierd perspective. “Go the place? ” requested Gunnar. “Let me consult this Kraken,” acknowledged Kayana. “Not like Saoirse may converse, yet like i might. I’ll input into discussion with this creature, and we are going to move. ” “Enter into discussion with a Kraken? I can’t let you do this,” acknowledged Gunnar. “This Kraken will—” “I’m now not yours to permit, General,” acknowledged Kayana. “I will consult it, after which we'll move simply because I want it. ” She’s made up our minds, idea Gunnar, yet she is familiar with now not what she’s approximately to do. dying or no longer; the Kraken will rip her head off. “Shine the sunshine, Alderon, in order that i will be able to sneak earlier this creature,” stated Kayana. “Shine the sunshine? ” requested Tommy. “That will tip it off to our—” “One of my powers is that I disappear into shadows. A Kraken’s eye is robust, however it can't see what’s invisible. I require a gentle. ” “Please let us know your plan, Kayana,” acknowledged Gunnar. “We beg of you. ” “Shine the sunshine, Alderon,” she stated, “or this creature will rip me aside. ” And in a heartbeat, Kayana disappeared round the nook. Tommy moved quickly to polish a gentle from his go well with, and the faded woman instantly flickered after which disappeared.

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