Forged by Dragon's Fire (Mage: The Ascension)

By Kraig Blackwelder, John Snead, Leonard Gentile

Relics of Legendry and Infamy

From amulets, flying carpets and magic wands to chilly fusion turbines and ray weapons, magical instruments have consistently interested the preferred mind's eye. in addition they fascinate mages, for they could truly make those daydreams genuine. however the universe not accepts robust magic. the place wizards as soon as solid swords which may cleave mountains, now they need to be content material with remote-control vehicles. Or needs to they...? Can Paradox be thwarted lengthy sufficient to once again let the forging of guns of old?
Wielded with woke up Will

Forged by means of Dragon's fireplace is a e-book of Wonders, providing complicated production principles for Artifacts and innovations, Charms and contraptions, Fetishes, Periapts, Talismans and units and extra. additionally incorporated are multiplied principles for Familiars, spouse spirits take place in flesh who carry a key to piercing the typhoon that rages among the worlds.

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Shadowrun: Core Rulebook (5th Edition)

By Jason M. Hardy

There are cracks on this planet. They’re narrow, darkish, and sometimes chilly, yet they're the one issues that
keep you hidden. retain you alive. they're the shadows of the area, and they're the place you live.

You are a shadowrunner, thriving within the margins, doing the roles not anyone else can. You have
no place of work, no everlasting domestic, no heritage to envision. you're no matter what you are making your self. Will you search justice? Sow seeds of chaos? promote out to the top bidder? It’s as much as you, yet this a lot is certain—if you do not anything, the streets will consume you alive.

You can survive—even flourish—as lengthy as you do what it takes. Sacrifice a part of your soul for bleeding-edge equipment. Push the bounds of your will studying new and hazardous magic. cord your self into the Matrix, making your brain one with screaming streams of knowledge. It’ll price you something—everything does—but you may make it well worth the price.

Shadowrun, 5th variation is the latest model of 1 of the most well-liked and profitable role-playing worlds of all time—a fusion of guy, magic and computing device in a dystopian near-future. With principles for personality production, magic, wrestle, Matrix hacking, rigging, and extra, you may have every little thing you want to face the demanding situations of the 6th World.

[Uploader's observe: PDF is retail quality.]

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Spirit Slayers (Hunter: The Vigil)

By Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Howard Wood Ingham, Mike Lee, Stew Wilson, Martin Henley

The evening is filled with beasts — beasts that stroll as women and men, that prey on those that stray from the herd, that starvation for blood and flesh while the moon rises. we won't be the sheep to those wolves. we are going to hunt the wolves ourselves.

A Chronicle e-book for Hunter: The Vigil™
• A Hunter’s examine shapeshifters: those that shape lunatic tribes, those that thieve their strength from the satan or from animal skins, those that turn into contaminated or cursed. This booklet additionally appears at spirits from a hunter’s perspective.
• 3 new compacts and one new conspiracy: the confederation of spirit cults often called Les Mystéres.
• New instruments within the hunter’s arsenal for searching shapeshifters and spirits, and principles supplied to create either strong hunter protagonists and scary werewolf antagonists.
• searching floor: Philadelphia takes a glance on the hunter-werewolf fight that has been occurring within the urban of cohesion because the progressive conflict and ahead of.

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Technology Compendium: Sir Arthour's Guide to the Numenera

By Bruce R. Cordell, Robert J. Schwalb, Monte Cook, Shanna Germain

The namesake of the full online game line, the “numenera” are artifacts, oddities, and little bits of virtually magic-like expertise left to the 9th global by way of a thousand million years of earlier civilizations. Now the 9th World’s most effective professional, the redoubtable (though probably now not solely sane) Sir Arthour, brings approximately 1,000 new goods to the Numenera gaming table.

The expertise Compendium: Sir Arthour’s advisor to the Numenera contains:

  • 400 new cyphers
  • 225 new artifacts
  • 300 new oddities
  • For the avid gamers, it introduces a brand new race: the bogus intelligence. And it contains wide GM recommendation on integrating quite complex applied sciences into your online game.

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    Pathfinder RPG: Ultimate Equipment (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game)

    By Jason Bulmahn

    Equipment up your Pathfinder RPG personality widespread with this large catalog of millions of magic goods, alchemical apparatus, guns, and adventuring apparatus! Lavishly illustrated with thousands of full-color illustrations and arranged in a brand new, easy-to-reference layout that teams magic goods through "slot," final apparatus types all magical and mundane apparatus published within the hardcover Pathfinder Roleplaying video game line to-date with lots and a whole lot new goods to create the main complete treasure source ever created for the Pathfinder RPG! ideal for gamers trying to package out their characters or video game Masters seeking to inventory a dungeon with acceptable treasure, final apparatus is a superb source for each Pathfinder RPG crusade!

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    Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor

    By Benjamin Baugh

    His is a story of sorrow and woe, ready just for you to inform it.

    The Dreadful secrets and techniques of Candlewick Manor sees doleful foundlings with murky pasts in a very good, dreary orphanage packed with harmful truths. gamers jointly face the vast risks in their new domestic and discover their very own forgotten secrets.

    Can you research the reality of your individual unhappy heritage? and will you're making neighbors with the monster on the backside of the good? How in regards to the one within the rickety previous mill? Or the single within the cave through the ocean? Or the single. . . .

    The Dreadful secrets and techniques of Candlewick Manor is a sourcebook for the roleplaying video game Monsters and different infantile issues, written through Benjamin Baugh and illustrated via Rob Mansperger. It positive factors ghouish humor, grin-worthy chills, and leading edge instructions for developing storylines and characters all loaded with secret.

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    Unveiled Threats

    By Matthew Grau, Fraser McKay

    Firearms, Rituals, and Artifacts - Oh My

    Tools could be the key to profitable the Aeon conflict. For a few, they're the complicated guns created by means of businesses like Armorcorp or Colt Springfield. For others, they're the magically-imbued gadgets that they bring whereas intoning robust forces in darkened mystical areas. For nonetheless others, they're the traditional and misplaced artifacts for which they seek the darkish corners of the Earth. To the Ashcroft beginning, they're the kids of arcanotechnology - the melding of technology and the arcane.

    This is the Aeon battle. hold a weapon.

    Explore the realm of recent firearms, armor, and explosives, digging into their very important features. discover what different types of wondrous daily instruments will be ready. extend the application of these sorcerers who pick out the trail of enchanter with a bunch of recent rituals. carry onto historical legacies throughout the revelation of historic artifacts. detect the numerous manifestations of Ashcroft’s arcanotechnology. See what alien mysteries belong to either the Migou and the Esoteric Order of Dagon.

    Nowhere else will you discover a environment like this.

    Inside this booklet you are going to find:

  • Expanded and revised guns of all kinds.
  • Explorations of the first weapon brands within the Aeon War.
  • Details for extra approximately a hundred New Earth executive guns, together with pistols, attack rifles, precise guns, explosives, or even anti-armor weapons.
  • An in-depth examine armor within the Aeon War.
  • Explorations of convenient units for Characters, together with peek know-how, in addition to a number of new vehicles.
  • A host of latest rituals for enchanted goods, making a new form of personality - the mystical gadgeteer.
  • A check out the realm of robust and historical artifacts.
  • A peek behind the scenes at a wealth of latest arcanotechnology from quite a few fronts.
  • An exploration of the guns from alien arms, together with the Migou arsenal and the instruments of the Esoteric Order of Dagon.
  • More than a part dozen new items of fiction to aid carry the surroundings to life.
  • This booklet is intended for use with the CthulhuTech storytelling online game and calls for the middle Book.

    This publication is meant for mature readers. It comprises darkish and stressful content material and pictures. Reader discretion is suggested.

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    Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Fire and Ice: The Elemental Companion

    By Robert J. Defendi, Lyn Mortensen

    Rolemaster fable Roleplaying is a really versatile and finished RPG-system from Iron Crown businesses:
    This torrent comprises Spell legislations; fireplace and Ice: Elemental Companion
    From the web site:

    “The six Champions stood in a circle, one from each one aspect. They stood quietly, their heads hung low. Slowly, they started to chant. The phrases began smooth, yet inbuilt strength and depth. each one Champion started to glow just a little as they full of energy. the weather swelled and rushed to fill them. They vibrated because the chant rose larger nonetheless. eventually, their heads rose as one. Their eyes burned, probably ate up by way of the elements.”
    The preferred and coolest Rolemaster fable position enjoying complement to hit the streets in years. New spells, new professions, new education programs, and new monsters will upload spice and gear to any crusade video game. designated merchandise production principles upload a flavorful twist. yet watch out the corruption of such strength. discover what your characters can do after they command the weather.

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    Shadowrun 2050 (Shadowrun (Catalyst Hardcover))

    By Jean-Marc Comeau

    Chrome eyes. pcs referred to as "decks." great hair, huge cyberlimbs and larger weapons. it is Shadowrun within the 12 months it began. Take a step again to Shadowrun's roots with Shadowrun 2050, a e-book that mixes Fourth version principles - the smoothest, such a lot obtainable rule set Shadowrun has ever had - with the surroundings that first made the 6th international a legend.
    Shadowrun 2050 has every thing avid gamers and gamemasters have to dive into the dirty good looks that kicked off one of many maximum roleplaying settings of all time. With details on the best way to adapt Fourth version Matrix, apparatus, and magic ideas for the 2050 surroundings, in addition to in-universe information regarding the powers of the area, what shadowrunners could be as much as, and who they are going to be operating into, Shadowrun 2050 places a brand new twist at the vintage environment.
    Captain Chaos. Maria Mercurial. The guffawing guy. Sally Tsung. JetBlack. Hatchetman. Nightfire. And the Shadowland poster who simply known as himself the large "D." those humans and so on are anticipating you within the yr that began all of it, a environment introduced again to lifestyles with new, full-color paintings exhibiting the chrome, airborne dirt and dust, neon, and darkness that used to be within the middle of Shadowrun whilst it begun and is still at its middle this present day.
    Shadowrun 2050 is to be used with Shadowrun, 20th Anniversary variation.

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    Deathwatch (Warhammer 40K, Core Rulebook)

    By Ross Watson

    Deathwatch is a roleplaying video game set within the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the place you're taking at the position of a member of the Adeptus Astartes - the religious, bio-engineered super-soldiers often referred to as area Marines. in simple terms the main unheard of applicants from the combating forces of the Adeptus Astartes are invited to hitch the Deathwatch, and tackle a brand new oath to defend the Imperium from the darkest of threats. United during this newly cast brotherhood, all Deathwatch Marines needs to learn how to set aside their changes and interact to reach the main impressive operations - no matter if dealing with the specter of overall annihilation whilst faced through implacable alien foes, or scuffling with opposed to the foul daemon risk that crawls forth hungrily from past the Warp. Deathwatch deals a brand-new roleplaying event via concentrating on elite, special-missions kind motion on the furthest fringes of Imperial house, related to the various maximum heroes and deadliest rivals the Warhammer 40,000 universe has to provide!

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