Blooming English: Observations on the Roots, Cultivation and Hybrids of the English Language

By Kate Burridge

English is the main artistic, changeable and ingenious of languages. a few phrases are invented to fulfill transitority wishes and are quick discarded; others hold meanings 1000's of years previous. Language fascinates us, and we spend loads of time fiddling with it, concocting every thing from puns, riddles and mystery languages to remarkable prose and poetry. We additionally fear approximately it very much, having a look up and checking phrases in dictionaries and utilization publications, sometimes arguing approximately definitions. This publication celebrates our ability to play with language, in addition to analyzing the methods we use it: in slang and jargon, swearing, conversing the unspeakable, or concealing disagreeable or inconvenient proof. it's a e-book for looking, for locating beguiling snippets approximately language, background and social customs, and for utilizing as a powerful weapon in notice video games.

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Examine French borrowings like undies and ensemble. no matter what French vowel we commence with, all of them get suggested a similar with the all-purpose nasal French vowel. there is a good bit of linguistic snobbery concerned right here - as within the quarter of nutrition, French model connotes effective and fashionable, sumptuous and stylish. Even in informal costume, deshabille is a gorgeous graceful means of claiming you are undressed. Au naturel as opposed to bare - no comparability. As traditional, English offers the elemental vocabulary, French the garnish. you'll use the English observe outfits, but when you need to sound extra highfalutin then use the French be aware clothes. in fact, French phrases also are used for unmentionable bits of garments corresponding to underwear, camisole, chemise, petticoat, negligee and bra. examine those French phrases to English bloomers, drawers and girdle - no longer loads of lexical titillation there! Even French briefs sound sexier than English smalls. Panties as opposed to lingerie says all of it. an adjective, yet there is a global of distinction among the 2. examine for instance, domestic dog and canines. ordinarily, what you discover is that convinced components of speech are bottom-heavy and draw overwhelmingly from the inventory of local English phrases. reflect on as many phrases as you could for drunkenness. you will likely get a hold of a number of increased phrases like under the influence of alcohol, and intoxicated yet so much that are evoked are ninety The Nature of Exotics low-level slang expressions like sloshed, smashed, stewed, sozzled and soaked, to say those extra mentionable. (It's fascinating what number of those start with 's'. ) different fields are topheavy and draw from the Romance and Classical languages. The language of poverty, for instance, is stuffed with outstanding phrases like indigent, impecunious, destitute and impoverished. in fact, one explanation for this is often that it really is a space of social taboo. This makes it an inevitable goal for euphemism - in different phrases, a neverending chain of imprecise vocabulary to prevent announcing the soiled notice terrible. fresh instances have visible an increase in dainty circumlocutions like economically marginalized, negatively privileged, economically non-affluent, culturally disadvantaged or maybe in a different way advantaged - all principally Romance or classically encouraged. through the 19th century a few writers turned captivated with the 'purity' of Anglo-Saxon. a few sought to abolish this Romance and Classical size to our vocabulary, even going so far as coining phrases like speechcraft to interchange grammar. it truly is demanding to visualize what our language may sound like with no the lexical extraterrestrial beings. British stand-up comedian Paul Jennings has attempted. He has rendered the hole traces of Hamlet's recognized soliloquy into nearly natural Anglo-Saxon. 'To be or to not be; that's the askthing' - it does not really make it, does it? ninety one Bad Language A weed is a plant you hate. Patricia Thorpe, the yank Weekend Gardener, 1988 simply as there's not anything intrinsically undesirable approximately these vegetation we name weeds, and simply as pests are easily creatures that dwell in our gardens in ways in which run counter to our targets, there's not anything intrinsically undesirable approximately undesirable language both.

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