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Within the related note. slim vowel: This time period is used, in particular in Irish phonology, for a entrance vowel (q. v. ). slit-spirant: In phonology, a legitimate produced with a comparatively flat commencing among the tongue and roof of the mouth. Slovak: A West Slavic language, spoken via approximately 3,000,000 local audio system, ordinarily in Slovakia. Slovan: A proposed foreign language for Slavic audio system, according to a mix, compromise or merger of the imperative Slavic languages. Slovene: A South Slavic language, spoken by means of 1,500,000 individuals in Yugoslavia. sociative: That declensional case (also referred to as unitive) often defined as “the case of the accompanying conditions. ” In these Indo-European languages which nonetheless hold the declensional scheme, this situation has been absorbed within the instrumental. delicate consonant: A voiced consonant. tender signal: In Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian, the letter that is a mute signal and in simple terms shows the palatalization of the consonant which straight away precedes it. solecism: An example of wrong use of phrases or a contravention of the foundations of grammar or syntax. stable compound: A compound be aware together with parts written as one observe and having a which means which regularly is sort of assorted from the which means of the person elements. Somali: A member of the Kushitic department of the Hamitic sub-family of the Semito-Hamitic family members of languages, spoken in Somaliland in Africa. sonant: (1) A voiced consonant. —(2) A syllabic. —(3) A semivowel. Songoi: An African Negro language, spoken in French West Africa, member of the Sudanese-Guinean family members of languages. sonorization: See voicing. sonorousness: the quantity of sound within the pronunciation of a speech-sound. Sorbian: See Lusatian. Sorbo-Wendic: See Lusatian. Sotho: An African Negro language, often known as Suto and Sesotho, spoken in Bechuanaland; member of the Bantu relations of languages. sound: regularly, the feeling skilled in the course of the organs of listening to. sound swap: Any swap in a speech sound or phoneme, no matter if because of its inner personality (functional or spontaneous or self sustaining sound switch) or to the effect of adjoining or near-by phonetic parts (conditioned sound change). sound shift: Any switch in phonemes saw as frequently recurrent within the improvement of a language. sound spectrograph: A desktop utilized in experimental or laboratory phonetics, to degree diversifications in vowel features, to envision the diversity of phonetic version for a given phoneme, and to list sound frequencies generally. sound forms: the categories or periods into which the sounds of a language could often be divided, viz. : consonants, sonants or semivowels, and vowels. those should be additional subdivided into stops, continuants, aspirates, voiced, voiceless, and so on. , as acceptable. South Arabic: A Southern West Semitic language, identified in its old shape from inscriptions which diversity from the 9th century B. C. to the 6th century A. D. , and spoken as a contemporary vernacular in different dialects at the southern coast of Arabia (Mahri and Qarawi) and at the island of Sokotra (Soqothri).

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